Near passing??????

  1. Has anyone passed the RN NCLEX when they were only near passing all subjects??? I got my results back from the state and I was only near passing every topic, not below and not above anything!!!! I'm scared because I studied so hard to only score "near passing" and to not have scored "above passing" any topic!!! Am I doomed for my 3rd attempt at this miserable test???
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You have to pass in all, near passing won't mean a pass. Take a short break and then look at a study plan and start as if you haven't tested before
  4. by   Lucky0220
    Was there a really good med surg instructor from your school that you could get to tutor or refresh you on your basics, like lab values, different precautions for different diseases, delegation, and prioritizing? These were the main types of questions I got on the boards this past February, but you had to know the main endocrine disorders, lab values, ABC's and basic side effects in order to answer these critical thinking type questions. You can pm me and I can give you an outline of what I used to study. Good luck.
  5. by   MRS-KED/LPN
    Can I also get a copy of your outline too.
  6. by   totally_lost
    I know near passing isn't passing...obviously because I failed! I just wanted to know if anyone who had failed before got their results as near passing on the topics and passed on their next try???
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    You should have said that. I got near passing and passed on 3rd attempt.
  8. by   PA_CoffeeFreak
    What study materials have you been using? When I took the NCLEX for the first time, I prepared with Saunders. Though I failed, I also got near passing in most sections. The one section I did horribly on was physiological adaptation. I am now preparing for the NCLEX using Kaplan and guess what I keep scoring lowest on in the Q Bank? Physiological Adaptation (dang it). No matter what other subjects or study materials I use for the day, I spend a couple of hours reviewing physiological adaptation. The last question trainer I took, I got 78% on physiologic adaptation.

    You've got to know what your weaknesses are, the type of learner you are (visual, auditory, hands-on) and tailor your study schedule accordingly. Don't give up! Every time you've taken the NCLEX, you've gotten that much closer. There's hope
  9. by   caliotter3
    Sounds like you have some good advice to analyze your test preparation strategies this time around. I agree that you need to study as if you haven't tested before and please don't give up. Good luck.
  10. by   determinedgal1
    I had near passing on my 3rd attempt in ALL categories but everything has to be above the passing standard. I would reevaluate the way I prepared and prepare a different way. If you need help with a plan, PM me and I would be glad to offer this to you. Good Luck!:redpinkhe
  11. by   totally_lost
    I am using Saunders this time. I used Kaplan the first 2 times and failed both times
    Many people have recommended Saunders so I hope it helps me this time!!! I'm so scared and everyday I lose more and more confidence in myself that I can actually pass on my 3rd try. God I hope I do!!!!!!
  12. by   totally_lost
    i don't know how to pm you???
  13. by   determinedgal1
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    i don't know how to pm you???
    hi totally_lost,
    i'm sorry you have to have 15 meaningful posts and then you will be able to pm. you only have 4 more to go? it should be by my user name and will give you the choice to pm or e-mail me.
  14. by   mamaellis2many
    I live in alabama and also failed with near passing, would love to talk with you