NCSBN rationales

  1. does the review come with rationales after each question???..i was hearing mixed things.and is the site easy to move around within..i heard there were some tech.problems?? hopefully they are up and running full speed ahead..:spin:
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  3. by   lvlytxn
    I had some tech. problems at first but they seem to be working out. I couldn't use Mozilla so had to do it through Internet Explorer.

    For the rationales, they come up after you finish each test. You gotta review them and can save them if you want to look at them at a later date. If it's not saved, you'll lose it.

    It's not too bad of a review and the price is affordable.
  4. by   agak
    Yes, it does come with rationales after each questions. I'm taking it a nd almost done with it actually. As said above, there are some connection problems but not as frequent as you think. It depends on your connection also.
    Good about this is that, you can ask detailed explanation at the comments link were they answer your question. There is actually one specific question in their Q&A that i tried looking at books, even Saunder's, that conflicts with the answer, but they explain more points why it came up with the right answer.
  5. by   Jaxs
    Can you tell me what site this is?
  6. by   suzanne4
    This thread is old and outdated. There are many more that you can find that are much more current.