NCLEX rn help

  1. Need help with passing NCLEX rn Please
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    What sort of problems are you having?
  4. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    You need to be more specific.
  5. by   hopefulRN'17
    Me too...... lol <3
  6. by   Extra Pickles
    Quote from Ladydee14
    Need help with passing NCLEX rn Please
    I'm sure you're looking for more than "study hard and answer the questions correctly" so help us to help you. What's the problem?
  7. by   Ladydee14
    Passing the NCLEX I know the content it's just when I'm answering the questions i don't get the full understanding.... Or either second guessing my self
  8. by   Ladydee14
    Knowing how to answer the questions for NCLEX
  9. by   hopefulRN'17
    Uworld.. Uworld.. Uworld..... I can't stress it enough. The rationales are great
  10. by   Ladydee14
    Okay I have done uworld and I agree with you the rationale are great.. just trying to make sure I am ready to take NCLEX and pass..
  11. by   hopefulRN'17
    Have you taken any of their assessment tests?
  12. by   Ladydee14
    Yes it was borderline������
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  13. by   sarahpettus18
    The elsevier adaptive quizzing is great. I used it throughout nursing school and it had practice questions for every topic and rationales. It is similar to the NCLEX because it gets harder the more questions you get right. There is a mix of select all that apply and multiple choice. I have access codes if anyone would want one DM me. They usually go for 80-120 dollars. I have the NCLEX-RN one and the HESI Assessment- patient reviews with RN case studies and practice test. Please let me know.
  14. by   Ladydee14
    Yes can you DM me it would help out a whole lot thanks