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  1. i am nursing student..going to give RN nclex exam.i do not have any knowledge which books to read..what to study and how to prepare for exam .can any one guide me please...??????
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  3. by   kkostelnikPN
    your school probably has information on this for when you are ready to graduate. there are many places to study. saunders, ATI, hurst, kaplan, ncsbn
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    I only used Kaplan's Strategies, Practices, & Review. Read it through twice: first time was just to say I did it, 2nd time was to pay attention to what was being asked and the rationales for the selected AND nonselected answers. Passed NCLEX RN on first attempt with 75 questions.
  5. by   kemifair
    Very good lyndaa and more tips.
  6. by   Staragate
    Here is an online practice test of NCLEX 3500... This is branched off the Salt Lake City CC. I hope this helps!

    I recommend you buy study guides that comes with a test CD, such as Saunders or Kaplan.
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  7. by   kemifair
    Staragate I tried to get my score from nclex and it didnt give me my score.
  8. by   amna
    hello u all?i need ur suggestion..what help more reading books or doing practice question for nclex rn exam???and how much question should practice every day?????which one helpbest to pass exam???and which practice question help more for then rn exam??i mean saundar,ncsbn or kaplan or any other??
  9. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this often-asked question.

    Many people are successful using each of the resources that you mention and many are successful using no ancillary materials at all.

    My approach was to take the exam as soon as I was permitted and not put in a lot of extra study time (we has a comprehensive final in order to graduate). I figured that, given the 85% first-time pass rate for US educated students, the odds were on my side. I passed.

    If you really feel that you need review, diligent use of any of the established review programs should work.
  10. by   VintageTxFlare, RN
    I was told that its great practice to do around 3,000 questions. (ATI LIVE REVIEW COURSE)
  11. by   Happyyolie
    I took the live Kaplan review class and we were told that 150 questions a day was a good goal. I been doing just that, on top of reading my Hurst review book, and the Kaplan RN course book.

    Happy studies and good luck
  12. by   begosh
    Find the book that best fit your learning type. I purchased LOTS of nclex books and Saunders being one. But for whatever reason, Saunders was not for me...too wordy and redundant and switched to Hogan which was a much better fit for my learning needs.
  13. by   amna
    hello friends can u guide me which one is the best book to pas nclex RN exam saundar or kplan???bz i just wna read one from this just suggest me which one is the best to pass exam?????
  14. by   cherribonbon
    Both books are excellent guides. I'm using both to prepare for my NCLEX RN.