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Hi there, I graduated from an ADN program back in 2015. Just to give you a time line of my NCLEX Attempts: LPN FAIL LPN PASS RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL... Read More

  1. by   meassa
    Hi! This is how I passed.

    I shut the world out for 40 days - and studied every single day
    The first week I did listened to the Mark Klimek lectures (learned more from these lectures than I did in nursing school) - I did not attend the class. Just the audios.

    Once I finished that, I purchased UWORLD and this is how I utilized UWORLD:

    Do 75 question blocks of RANDOMIZED questions - NOT by section
    Do them in TIMED mode. NOT TUTOR.
    Immediately after you see your results, review every single rational of the 75 questions you did even if it is right or wrong.
    Look at the answer you picked and UNDERSTAND WHY YOU PICKED WHAT YOU PICKED and UNDERSTAND what the right answer is. This will correct any knowledge deficit.
    You need to be scoring 55% or higher on your UWORLD exams and you will score higher and higher the more you do them
    To do a 75 question test and quickly review rationals should take 3 hours. Do this every single day and do more if you are able to. No days off.

    UWORLD is harder than NCLEX and you will learn so much just by looking over the rationals.

    Also, if you are able to do the Mark Klimek course/audios do it. I learned so much from it. Stuff that I never understood before. And I would review it once per week while doing questions as a refresher. Do not give up. The goal is not to master everything. The goal is to master the stuff you do know.

    Remember NCLEX tests for safety. So as you are answering questions, ask yourself am I picking the answer that is the safest. Do not panic if you see a question with a procedure or a med you never heard off. Often times you can figure out the answer by looking the the choices provided.

    Don't fill your brain with tons of content. Know the concepts and that will help you answer many many questions. P.S. SATA questions get easier the more you do them.
  2. by   Kamal p
    Hi. Meassa... Congratulations that you passed. I emailed you. I need your help. Please inbox me.
    Thank you,.