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  1. Nclex 9/8. Super nervous

    Yes, it was posted on the brn sat ( 3 days later) at 130am!! I passed!!
  2. Nclex 9/8. Super nervous

    Congrats!! It's a great feeling!!
  3. Nclex 9/8. Super nervous

    i took mine this morning (CA)! question stopped at 75, I had 43 SATAs. will wait 36hrs to check the BRN website. **fingerscrossed**
  4. NCLEX - RN 2018

    Hi, i took my NCLEX this morning and got 43 SATAs out of 75 questions!! I havent done the PVT as I am skeptical. I will wait a few days to check the BRN website.
  5. Students! Quickly make the B52 cocktail!
  6. LA County Spring 2016

    Hi righteousJenn, how did you contact the livescan/DOJ people? I need an ATI number, which county isn't providing. Please let me know how you made contact with a live person. Any info is much appreciated. Thx
  7. LA County Spring 2016

    Thank you Lt330. I will take your advice and call them everyday lol. I really hope it comes back clear soon. thx for the words of encouragement.
  8. LA County Spring 2016

    unfortunately no, called LAC and spoke to Maria and she said that if I don't cleared by the 14th, I will be deferred to the fall semester. Not a good year end for me. I hope I get clearance ASAP!!
  9. LA County Spring 2016

    Just got off the phone with HR, still delayed. Hopefully I get cleared this week before the holiday break. Lt330 must be a sigh of relief for you. I'm still holding my breath. Righteousjenn, when I spoke to HR, I asked for the live scan personnel ...
  10. LA County Spring 2016

    No new news here, status still shows "delayed" the last time I got printed was maybe 8 yrs ago, so maybe that's the issue.
  11. LA County Spring 2016

    It'll be 3 weeks this Wed. I'll let you know when they update me and please let me know when you hear something as well.
  12. LA County Spring 2016

    I just got off the phone with HR and am too "delayed." Lt330 try not to worry as I hear this is not uncommon. Sometimes the prints are hard to read, they might have us redo it. HR said to call back thurs, so that's what I'll do. Will keep you posted...
  13. LA County Spring 2016

    Ok that's good to know...I fret only because the gentleman that processed the fingerprint said for me to call HR and schedule the health clearance 5 days from that day. But when I called the school, front desk said she'll email with further instruct...
  14. LA County Spring 2016

    Hi all, quick question, has anyone here been cleared of the live scan yet?
  15. LA County Spring 2016

    I'm having issues finding the account