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Hi everyone! I have been on such a journey as all of you have been. Today I took my nclex.. 2/11/13. My computer shut down at 92 questions..I sat there for a good minute in disbelief..that is it? It... Read More

  1. by   ylove88
    Hi nurseLpnrn,

    Congrats in your achievement, I cannot wait to be on your shoes. I am testing in 2 week the 27th and I have been doing Kaplan and also scoring on the 50's and Saunders questions I like better and I love love their rationales compared to Kaplan. Anyways, please email me any any advice from you. I am having problems with priority questions and Pharm. A few of my friends have taken in and they have all passed which makes my anxiety even higher. Would love to hear from you. Thank you !

    my email is
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  2. by   babykulit2000
    Quote from nurselpnrn
    Hi everyone! I have been on such a journey as all of you have been. Today I took my nclex.. 2/11/13. My computer shut down at 92 questions..I sat there for a good minute in disbelief..that is it? It is OVER? I took my LPN boards 2 years ago..shut down at 85. For some reason I couldn't remember the exam being as stressful to prepare as this one was. I did the PVT trick and got this so called "good pop up"..I hope it works..if not I still want to tell everyone/anyone how I studied

    Lacharity~ PRIORITY... who do you see first? This is so important...high level questions are priority! FINISH THIS BOOK! There is NO WAY to tell how nclex will test..if you understand priority...(who is the MOST unstable- not the person that just came back from surgery, not the pt getting discharged, not a person complaining about mild pain- NO! The person with a REAL problem ie., fever, unstable labs, etc.)

    Kaplan~ NOT WORTH IT! The exam is content content and more content. Kaplan is so twisted with the questions..I finished the Kaplan course and it was nothing like the exam. Nclex was very direct..(except the select all that apply) If you need content, and never heard of this program READY TO PASS, it is amazing! I live in NY I'm not sure if it's available anywhere else..It is straight content..if anyone wants any info private message me!

    SO basically just the priority book, and CONTENT. I had no math, about 20 SATA, 3 drag drop..please if you have seen this before PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at your infection control..again if you want any info on this private message me!

    I want you all to know that I was not an "A" student. I got mostly B's..I struggled through the LPN program. The RN program was better but to be honest, I had to study A LOT to pull my B grades. My scores on Kaplan were all in the 50's (again, questions were NOT like nclex) -- Some people swear by this program. If you want to just practice questions it's ok..Lippincott I feel is much more like nclex. I would google for WEEKS to look for what was similar to nclex. Please don't waste your time on something that will not help you. Yes nclex is random but if you don't know the content you can't answer the question.

    I still don't have my official results..I hope the pop up works! Any questions don't hesitate to ask. It's still fresh in my mind!
    Im taking mine tomorrow. I'm from New york too. any advice is really appreciated! Congrats by the way
  3. by   angileek42
    Please email me too
  4. by   kemifair
    Good luck babykulit, you got this may God go with you. Pray before you start your exam. Take a deep breathe and say "I can do all things through christ that strenghth me."
  5. by   Saligurl
    Please email me at
    Taking my nclex in 2 weeks and so worried...i really need to pass it. I am pregnant and due on the 15 of march
  6. by   nurselpnrn
    Hi babykulit,

    if you go over the key points I put in my post you will be fine..NO MORE that precious brain food before the exam ( a banana), and study infection control (who you would see in contact, droplet, airborne, etc) Please keep me posted!! I know you will pass! Treat this as you would any other exam!
  7. by   davi000
    CONGRATULATIONS. my exam in march 1st wk. i took kaplan 2nd time, i have ncsbn 5wks, nclex 3500
    kaplan is very hard ,my weakness on SATA and ecg strips. plz email me with any additional tips. thanks a lot.
  8. by   Taylor626
    Good luck& if you have advice/specific areas can you email me Taylormorgan0115@gmail
  9. by   raj89
    Good luck. Need help in pharmacology. From where u did?
  10. by   odeth1
    I am soo happy for you and i don't know you...i guess we are all in this thing together. I am new to this page but so happy to know i have people who i can relate to. I am studying for nclex . Gonna register today with Pearson vue. I wasn't trained here. Did it once and failed. I'm struggling to remember content..i am using fewer nursing audio...its pretty good. I would love any help i can get.
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  11. by   nurselpnrn
    Hi everyone! The Pearson Vue trick WORKS! I went to BON and my name and license number is up! For those who are struggling with priority and meds..please order Lacharity the priority book. It helped me so much on my exam! Also for those signed on with ncsbn they have a section under pharmacology where they break down all the helped me a lot! Try not to focus on meds though. I only had 5 on my exam. For those who failed, it doesn't get back up and KEEP GOING! THIS TEST (I nick named NCLEXIA ~ a horrible disease lol) will go away with proper care (studying lol) ! DO YOUR CONTENT..look at every diagnostic test..what position for a renal biopsy? Lumbar biopsy? Thoracentisis? YOU CAN DO THIS!!
  12. by   raj89
    Congrats nd good luck for ur future.. I hope these same things happens to me too...
  13. by   odeth1
    Thanks have motivated me..i have to nail this NCLEX
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