NCLEX LPN/LVN Exam - C.A 2016

  1. I just took my LPN / LVN exam. It stopped at 86 question. I've read alot of articles that it was a good sign coz the more questions you get the more chance that you are below passing grade. On the other side I just did really bad that the CAT figured that I am really not doing well. I've read articles from the past years like 2013-2010. I wonder if this "notion" is still up to the present 2016? I just took mine this month March 2016 for the first time. I enjoyed taking the exam as if I am just answering a review practice test. But I only got like maybe 5 SATA and Delegation / Priority Questions. I can't figure if my question is getting harder which I heard is a good sign. I have some diet food questions that I think was easy but still not sure with my answers. I felt like I don't know nothing at that time and kept on guessing for like 50% of the exam. Does having only 5 SATA test a bad sign? I guess? I know a lot of test format changed for the past years. I heard that every year the passing % gets higher and higher. Also after 24hrs of my test I tried the PVT. Hoping that I can get a good pop up. Was I too early to do it? I've seen some videos and articles but it was years ago. Does anyone tried the PVT this year 2016? is it still accurate? I had a bad feeling that I failed. coz the payment has been received and on process and they emailed me the receipt that's $200 again!!! It's just so sad that California does not participate on Quick result. Need to wait from 4-6wks. Geeezz!! thats to long!!! Well I am starting to study again and hope for the best. Any comment on this is highly appreciated.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from ReeltoRealNurse
    I just took my LPN / LVN exam. It stopped at 86 question.
    Good luck to you, and I hope you receive a passing result.
  4. by   3XDragon
    Hi ReeltoRealNurse,
    Did you get any Chart/Exhibit questions? And what kind of questions were the SATAs? Thanks so much
  5. by   ReeltoRealNurse
    Yes. I got 2 - 3 kinds of exhibits , 1 calculation & SATA questions about maybe 5 and unfortunately I can't remember what was it. Then the rest was Delegation & Priority Questions. I am just scared coz it stopped at 86-87 questions & when I tried the PVT they accepted my payment so I'm assuming I really did failed. I am starting to study harder this time.
  6. by   ReeltoRealNurse
    Thanks. I'm studying right now. I'm not expecting to pass since the PVT accepted my payment and I know I failed. I will try to take the NCLEX one more time. For CA 5-6 wk is the waiting time for the result and I can't wait that long!!!!
  7. by   3XDragon
    Don't be too sure that you failed just yet; wish you luck.

    Taking my exam in less than 2 weeks, soo nervous
  8. by   ReeltoRealNurse
    Good luck to you girl!
  9. by   mvgrace88
    Let me know if you pass. I am on the same boat.
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  10. by   ReeltoRealNurse
    Did you used the PVT too?
  11. by   mvgrace88
    Yes I did, it took my payment. The bad thing about was because the California takes abou 6weeks for the results. I am still
    waiting I took my exam last February. I tried to register again last night, it won't take my payment, it says I have an open registration at this exam, and New registration cannot be created at this time.
  12. by   E-commerce
    Hi, I hope both of you passed the exam. Were the priority questions who do you see first from a group of patients and what do you do first?
  13. by   mvgrace88
    always go for ABC
    i challenged the exam without studying, coz I'm a full time mom and my baby wants mommy all the tkme. I got lots of SATA questions. Priotization, medicines and 1 calculation in the end. Also the video
  14. by   E-commerce
    Thank you mvgrace88. I have not taken the exam yet, but that is what I am working on most is improving my critical thinking, nursing judgment and prioritization, which from many have agreed is most important to pass the NCLEX.