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  1. ReeltoRealNurse

    NCLEX RN california March 2019?

    Where did you took your NCLEX? I did failed to with 90qts. They charged my cc $200. I haven't got the CPR report tho. But I knew it already. I'm going to start all over again. I saw people talking about Mark K. Will. Let me know if you liked it.
  2. I tried PVT trick after 4 hours of my test. I put all my cc info. except the expiration date. I did it maybe 5 times and it was declined and my account was blocked/restricted. I had to message Pearson Vue to remove what they called "financial restriction" because I've been putting wrong cc expiration date. It's my 1st time to experienced this. Should i wait 24-48hrs before I do the trick? I know I already failed because I don't feel i got a high level questions and stopped at 90. I am just curious if this restricted account blocked happened to others too and at the end passed? Good Luck to all.
  3. ReeltoRealNurse

    Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    Did it charged you $200?
  4. ReeltoRealNurse

    Pearson Vue Trick 2019 in California and Breeze Answers

    I did my Exam today and I did the trick less than 2hrs (I cant wait!) maybe 20 mins after I got the email that I have completed the test. I used my cc and put incorrect expiration date. And it was declined. I did it couple of times and my Account Blocked/restricted so I have to contact Pearson to remove the restriction. They said.. I have financial restrictions because I’m trying to apply with incorrect payment. Does it happened to others too? So they unblocked it and I tried 1 more time (I think they blocked mine with 4 or 5 attempts can’t remember) and still it’s Declined. So does Pearson changed the system and PVT is not working now ? Maybe I should have waited 24hrs to do the trick? Or it only happened to me coz it’s really a Bad POP Up? I used PVT when I took my NCLEX-PN and My Account wasn’t blocked by Pearson eventhough I got a bad pop up before. So guys be careful in multiple tries.