nclex last mar 1 '07 w/75Q - results in mar 2 '07 - PASSED!!!

  1. i'm really so happy!!! this was really unexpected!!! i took my nclex exam last mar 1 '07 7am here at saipan, and on mar 2 '07 9:30pm (saipan time - around 7:30pm phils time) my classmate who was in the philippines texted me to congratulate me and my friend who also took her nclex exam. we were expecting to know the results on monday - not the next day after we took the exam!!! actually we are still here in saipan, our flight leaves at around 4pm. it was a good thing that i brought my laptop so we were able to check the website of the board of nursing and there it was!!! we were crying - tears of extreme joy!!! both of our computer stopped at 75 - we had around 6-7 select all that apply questions each, i had around 8 meds which i have never heard of before and even the question did not give any clue what it was for - i couldn't even remember the names now, i'll try so that i could share them with you. ) - lots of priority questions and questions w/ which response of the nurse is appropriate. goodluck to those who will be taking their nclex!!! thank you god!!!

    per the requirements that you agreed to abide by when you took the exam, you cannot post specifics like this. they have been removed to conform to the requirements of the board that created the exam. i have edited your post.
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    What did you use for study you think did really helped you a lot...????
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    congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssss

    but remember not to discuss test question out in the open
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    congratsssssssssssssssssssssssss ...all the careful about discussion of the questions...i dont think that is allowed...:spin:
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    I took my exam yesterday and im still here at Saipan. They said results will be available 48 hours for Saipan BON. What is your BON that has the result 24 hrs?
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :xmas_smilies_daz:what review center did you attend?or online review course you take/ i'm also going to take my nclex exam on april20 hongkong!..kinda scared..bec.of the new test plan...

    what review materials you can recommend that is closest to the nclex exam?where you from the phil.?i want to ask you more questions to alleviate my anxiety..LUPIT TALAGA NG MGA PINOY!!!
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    congratulations on passing the exam.
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    yup, im from the phils. i attended URC for review, they're great! I also read Saunders Compre and just answered few questions from the kaplan trainer CD -- goodluck on ur exam!!!