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I just took the nclex and failed it. I am so embarrassed to go back to work because I was somewhat confident in passing it. All my freinds knew i was taking it and now they will know i failed. I... Read More

  1. by   labrador4122
    Quote from accio
    i totally understand. i have failed my boards twice and i work in the hospital and after the first was demoted to cna status. not fun facing everyone. very embarrasing, demoralizing, etc... but realize this. lots of people have failed. in fact, my school has done poorly... my class over 50 % fail rate, and the class after mine, about 35% first time failures...

    i went through extreme "depressive" moments, but have found solace in the fact that i'm "not the only one..."

    it does not reflect how successful of a nurse you will be...

    good luck and best wishes.

    merry christmas!
    that is a really bad for the school!!!
    in fl, if the school gets lets say 70% passing rate, they loose their accreditation, university of miami lost their accreditation. i don't know how people will take boards now.
    our school is at 93% pass rate. and so far, out of 45 people, i do not see 4 names on the bon. one girl i know that failed, the other hasn't taken it, and the other two girls... i don't knw them personally, but by now everyone should have taken the exam.

    but anyways, study hard, invest in a study program if you are able too, and if not, make yourself study everyday, and you will pass.
  2. by   misty177
    i am very sorry to hear that and can say i know how you feel. i took my nclex last month and got the results yesterday and it was a huge did not pass. i cant stop thinking about it let alone stop crying. i feel so aweful. i just dont know how i will start studying again. my school just opened a couple years ago but the only year they have posted they have a pass rate of 48%. that gives me no hope to start studying again. i cant think straight. what should i do.......
  3. by   nurselupin
    Hi guys, I feel for you. Don't give up just yet. Felt embarrassed and frustrated too, coz I thought I was left out and others were talking about me. With some perseverance and dedication, I passed my NCLEX-RN on my second time around. I certainly believe, re-takers are good nurses.

    Might be nothing, but my old man said to me: "We fall in order to get up again."
    My prayers are with you.

    Happy holidays!
  4. by   olichi
    I am so sorry to hear that, don't worry you will pass the next time.
  5. by   misty177
    If Too Many People Fail Any They Close My School Down Will They Not Let Me Test After That.
  6. by   rachix
    Did you pass yet?!
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from rachix
    Did you pass yet?!
    Very old thread but looking at their posting appears to have passed
  8. by   rachix
    I have failed twice once at 265 once at 75... its a horrible feeling. hang in there, we have to stick together! we'll pass
  9. by   qt2168
    I did pass! Thanks for asking.

  10. by   qt2168
    You will pass. Nursing school is not easy and if you can do that I am sure you can pass the nclex. Make sure your doing a nclex practice book. That really helped me.
  11. by   Stich82
    I understand completely. Just found out I failed and it hurts but test anxiety got me!!! I have been a CMA for 9 years and very competent but I just knew that I would fail. It's got it's ups and downs. When I take it again I know what I'm walking into. Now it's the wait to retake! Ughhhh!!! Good luck!! :0)