NCLEX book which is good?

  1. [font=microsoft sans serif]hi there, does anyone know which is the better or rather more successful nclex book? im tossing between nclex 4th ed made incrdedibly easy i have the older addition wanted to know if is it worth it. saunders, but to me it looks like just reading another text and kaplan. i appreciate your help ~cheers aziza
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  3. by   ava'smomRN

    i have saunders as does my entire class. i think its great becasue it summarizes each system and the cd is loaded with questions along with great rationales. another bonus for saunders is also on the cd where you can choose level of cognitive abilty. i try to do a lot of analysis and application as those are the main focus of boards.

    i also have lippincott which is ok. if your school utilizes ATI, thats another great resource, their questions are tough but i think its good preparation.
  4. by   leeviaRN
    [font=microsoft sans serif]my school uses the medpubs online thing and utilise some of there comp programs. i was thinking from either the lippincott, possibly kaplan though i heard it was lousy, sauders i was thinking looks more text book like. whereas im looking for more qes/rationale. anyone try to nclex q/a indcred easy? i have the 2d thinking about getthing the 4th. i want to get the most of , thanks ~cheers
  5. by   caliotter3
    I've looked at (and bought) several, but like many, have found Saunders to be the best for me. Good luck. Hope you pass the first time!
  6. by   NaomieRN
    I just completed my third semester in nursing. I find the nclex book by Lippincotts helped me more than Saunders review. What I like about the Lippincotts book, the questions are broken down by diseases. For example, for Neuro, I did questions of Parkinsons, MS, ALS, Brain Injury etc. As oppose to Saunders which had all the questions from all the disorders in random. I would read about the disease and go to Lippincott and practice all the questions pertaining to that disorder. I think since I already have a textbook, I prefer to just practice questions. Like someone above mentioned, Saunders is like a textbook.