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Ok, so I have a serious question. Don't laugh at me guys, but on the NCLEX if you have a SATA question, does it count as a completely wrong answer if you still put some of the correct options?? ... Read More

  1. by   Alexx_xox
    I don't have any info on that myself, I am so sorry. Maybe you can post a thread and see if anyone can help.
  2. by   RmTmRn
    a DUI will not affect you being able to sit for the NCLEX. I have two friends that have had DUIs on their records and sat for their boards without any issues
  3. by   Alicerose
    Quote from C0SM0
    What did you use for resources while studying? I'm using strictly Kaplan and I get MAYBE 10% of the SATA questions correct. Did you think the NCLEX SATA were easier than your resources for studying? I'm taking the NCLEX February 2nd and, needless to say, SATA is my weakness at this point.
    NCLEX Mastery is a very good source. Passed on the first try with that and exam cram.
  4. by   vsheehan
    How many sata did you get in A row? I usually got two in a row then on to another HARD multiple choice. I passed w76 questions that had 19 SATA. Anither friend passed and inly had three SATA. So you can pasa and not have many SATA.
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  5. by   Mini2544
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    I'm currently finishing up pre-requisites to apply to a nursing program and I'm concerned about a prior DUI and how it will affect me sitting for my Boards. I have an Underage DUI misdemeanor in 2012, however, I sought out some legal advice and was told I could have the 2012 DUI expunged. I'm embarrassed to say but I have a 2nd DUI misdemeanor in 2014. However, both cases are closed and have been dealt with. Do you know of any other nursing students having this issue? Please if you have any information in regards to my issue and could get back to me I would sincerely appreciate it!
    HI There,
    I think you could sit for boards just fine, but the question would be as to which nursing school would accept you. There also may be an issue with your clinical sites and your background. Then on top of that, getting hired at a hospital would def be an issue. I am sorry to not have the best news for you but my advice is to sit down and talk to an counselor at the school (s) you want to apply to.