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    Seasoned Nurses VS Newbie Nurses

    As I've stated in multiple other posts, I am a new grad in the ER. As a new grad, I do not possess the EXPERIENCE that a seasoned nurse has; however, I have noticed that many seasoned nurses are not up to date with new standards that were taught to us in school. How can one bridge the gap between old knowledge vs newer knowledge? Here is a perfect example. We were doing ACLS and all the new grads were very knowledgeable regarding the new ACLS protocol; however, a more seasoned nurse was there as well and was following a different protocol that was practiced years ago and not up to date. With preceptorship coming soon, how do I as a new grad decide what to follow as far as their experience and advice, versus what was taught to me in school? I am not talking about ACLS protocol here; OBVIOUSLY I am going to follow what the AHA recommends, but I am talking other things here for instance: -skills -assessments -charting etc. I have noticed seasoned nurses also don't chart the same as newer nurses, especially because when they had originally started, there was no such thing as an online charting system. I respect all seasoned nurses and love learning from them and their knowledge is absolutely invaluable, but I have noticed a lot of discrepancies between what we learn and what they do. Any advice?