NCLEX 2018 - 1st timer after 9 yrs grad

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just want help or suggestions for the review notes. It will be my first time to take the NCLEX this April 2018 so I still have few mos for prep. I graduated 2008 outside US and never had hosp experience since I graduated. Feels like im starting all over again although I know I still have the knowledge of what I learned back then I just forgotten about it. My weakness is SATA questions...I'm having really difficulty on that part, but it's only been a few day since I started reviewing. Started to review to familiarize myself with the diseases and normal values again.

    I bought Saunders 6th edition and thinking of enrolling to Uworld. ALso thinking of Hurst but I dont think I can afford that, a bit expensive for me. Anyone here who had same experience of not a fresh grad but taking NCLEX?My plan is to do 25Q everyday (because im working) and during weekend prolly do >100Q or more. would love to hear your side...Any suggestions from you,would really appreaciate it.
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  3. by   Kmakridis
    Hey, I would do Uworld. i have heard many great things and i found that the demo they had was very similar to the nclex. I also like it has cheatsheets and many questions including SATA.
  4. by   SilentscrubRN
    Hi me too.. i graduated last 2007.. 1st time taker also and very busy at home because of my son.
    I suggest that go for saunders first for your content.
  5. by   hopetopassnclex
    I think you should go for Saunders for content first before UWORLD.
  6. by   SilentscrubRN
    Pls share here
  7. by   ksmitty00
    Hello Askthepsychnp
    I am going to be testing soon I would some tips/strategies which is much needed, as an unemployed graduate a lot of the reviews are so expensive. I would greatly appreciate if you would share your notes with me. My email
    Thanks in advance
  8. by   ohitskev
    i was out of school for 4-5 years, 4 attempts at the NCLEX.

    1) Hesi nclex review - condensed information
    2) Saunders - very detailed in explaining
    3) Uworld - do all questions, read all rationales, write down rationales if you have no clue about it. solve by groups i.e. (Adult > Cardio) make a tutor test for that and solve. redo all questions missed at the end of each Main Category.

    April 2018 testing, you should have plenty of time to prepare but be consistent with your studies. On and Off again studying will not benefit you. Stay consistently motivated until the test date.

    Also be prepared to take the test to the maximum of 265 questions. Although I used Uworld, it helped me cause the program itself looks extremely similar to the actual layout of the NCLEX which will prepare you.

    If you need more help/suggestions, feel free to private message me. =)
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  9. by   smolcrik
    hi, i bought Saunders 6th edition...that's what im starting then after i finished what will go fr Uworld...havent taken the test yet....good luck to us
  10. by   SilentscrubRN
    Hello.. planning to take mine on april this year! It is better to take max 4mos once you started reviewing. That will be enough i guess... more practice questions. The content its already implanted to us. What i need this time is to memorize the lab values lol..
  11. by   smolcrik
    SilentscrubRN - mine too... started Saunders, Uworld and Hurst Now. Good Luck to us... keep me posted...