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ohitskev has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, SDU, ED.

Struggled, overcame, still on the journey to achieve my goals.

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  1. ohitskev

    3rd failed nclex, please help.

    Don't let negativity get to the best of you. Always stay positive because everyone has their moment to shine. No matter how long it will take you to take your nclex and pass it, in a couple years you might surpass your peers / even the individual...
  2. ohitskev


    uworld worked for me. did all questions, read all rationales, resolved all missed questions. studying consistently with uworld is key in my opinion.
  3. ohitskev

    NCLEX rn second time fail

    how did you use uworld? did you do all 2000 questions? did u read all rationales? did you solve by category to subcategory? did you do assessments? did you resolve the questions you missed out of the test bank? did you study consistently up to your t...
  4. ohitskev

    Passing Nclex 7 years after Graduating and 3 tries later.

    congrats fellow RN!
  5. ohitskev

    NCLEX 2018 - 1st timer after 9 yrs grad

    i was out of school for 4-5 years, 4 attempts at the NCLEX. suggestion: 1) Hesi nclex review - condensed information 2) Saunders - very detailed in explaining 3) Uworld - do all questions, read all rationales, write down rationales if you h...
  6. ohitskev

    Struggles of Life & NCLEX.

    @onefutureRN, i just sent you a PM, try to get 15 posts on the forum and your private messaging should be enabled. my contact should be in your private box. if not, just respond on this thread.
  7. ohitskev

    Struggles of Life & NCLEX.

    @onefutureRN i will try to reach you by private message by getting 15 posts or so that they require.
  8. ohitskev

    Failed twice, PLEASE HELP

    how much of the uworld did you go through before your test? and what was your approach with uworld?
  9. ohitskev

    CA-NCLEX-RN-Results Taking Forever

    @nanseee i been applying, and just waiting to hear back from a couple places.
  10. ohitskev

    Struggles of Life & NCLEX.

    @Aznursesrock17 If I can ask, how many questions did you answer before running out of time on the NCLEX? Just wait for your CPR to see what your weaknesses were and try to work those out. Did you go through the entire UWORLD? Did you read ration...
  11. ohitskev

    Struggles of Life & NCLEX.

    I'm writing this article in the hopes that even one person can relate to my life and be given some confidence that life can be hard, but thinking positive can get you through it. So here it goes. This article is based on my personal life experie...
  12. ohitskev

    CA-NCLEX-RN-Results Taking Forever

    if your in California like me, you can try a different city from where you are at. i'm looking into a "compact state" where the California license can work like Arizona. personally i'm willing to go anywhere for the 6months to 1 year of experie...
  13. ohitskev

    CA-NCLEX-RN-Results Taking Forever

    No irregularities. I think CA BRN is super slow. I found out after 5 weeks of waiting, called them also, that I passed. My license posted on CA BRN at 5 weeks, got my license/certificate at 6 weeks in the mail.
  14. ohitskev

    NCSBN review OR Uworld?

    Scenario questions are just one possible question that you can get on the NCLEX. I did Uworld for 1 month, everyday, reading the rationales is key, did all the questions in the given test bank. I don't know NCSBN but some people on the forums d...
  15. ohitskev


    I did ALL the questions on uworld, and read ALL the rationales also prior to taking my test on Oct 31, 2017. 1st uworld : ran out of time; still reviewed it though 2nd uworld : good chance of passing. I ended up passing. Go have fun, revi...
  16. ohitskev

    CA BRN Nclex Timeline?

    5 weeks to the dot. Good PVT at 48hours. 2 weeks, 4 weeks.