My Results! "Took NCLEX today 2/16/09 ....265 questions.=("

  1. its official as of today 2/18 im an rn! i can't believe it! i want to thank everyone who supported me and gave me encouraging words when i first posted my listing on 2/16. thank you sooooo much! im sooo excited to be a nurse! there is hope afterall for those who reach the full load of 265! best of luck to all of you who are waiting for ur results or about to take the nclex! redbeathe:d:spin:dance:
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    Congratulations and good luck in your new career
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    hi nursing59! congratulations! what state are you from?
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    Congrats, Nursing59! The NCLEX is a real head trip, I took mine yesterday (2/19/09) I stopped at 75 questions but was not, even remotely, happy about it. I wanted the computer to keep going a little bit since I felt shaky on about a third of my answers. I probably sat in my car for about 45 minutes because I was so shaken by the test. Had lots of priority questions but the pharmaco ones that I had killed me. Anyhow, I guess I am replying to this thread to feel good about it and you're passing (Super Congrats!) gives me hope and takes my mind of defeatist thoughts. I wish you well in your career and may you be the best nurse that you aim for!
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