My NCLEX shut off at 77 Q

  1. *Arrrrggggghhhh* I honestly don't know what to think. Just like so many of you here, I'm so anxious about my result. I'm trying to convince myself that I passed. 77Q in itself is a good sign, isn't it? I got a lot of priority questions ("which one should the nurse see first?", "what should the nurse do first?", "what is essential/necessary?"). Those are also good signs, right? I got no med math and only 1 ABG question.
    I'm such a nervous wreck right now. I heard it would take about 1 month to get my official result from the CA board. Some say I might be able to find out in 3 days in their website but I just found out that my school sent my class' transcripts late and they still haven't received it yet. It's soooo frustrating.
    Anyways...I just wanted to vent since so many of us here are in the same situation. Thanks
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  3. by   tabymac
    did you find out your results yet????? I took mine today and computer shut off at 78.......I'm dying! When I was walking out of Pearson the TA tells me hmmmmm 78 that's a good sign!!!! What does that mean???? I know you can pass or fail at 75, and that if you get past 75 it means you are still in the game - but did we convince the computer with only a few more questions??? I feel HORRIBLE right now!!!!! Please let me know when you get your results, I am in CA and should find out by Thursday. Hope you passed!!!!
  4. by   ibnathan
    Wow! I just took mine today and I got 107 questions then it just shut off. The board just got out transcripts two weeks ago and every who took the test after the board got our transcripts new within 3 days whether they passed or failed. The was one person in our class who took there boards in early Jan. and it took a month to find out because they did not have out transcripts. Hopefully we all passed.
  5. by   tabymac
    Oh, you're in CA too....yeah, we should find out by Thursday! I had tons of medication questions and priority - no OB or peds.....we'll see, I can't eat or sleep!!!! This is brutal!
  6. by   ibnathan
    Yeah I had OB, Peds, Meds that I have never heard of, Priority and Delegation, and Pysch. How many questions did you have tabymac.
  7. by   tabymac
    I got 78 questions...maybe 79 I can't remember (caught me off guard when it just shut down) Yeah, I got quite a few delegation and even one of those alternative type - where you have to grab/drag from one column to the other and put the items in was CRAZY!!!
  8. by   saadia_s
    how u guys study. i am taking exam next month
  9. by   tabymac
    hey ibnathan,
    i got my results today and I passed!!!!! let me know how you did! I am soooo ecstatic!!
  10. by   Leilah75_RN
    congratulations tabmac!!!!
  11. by   nadu13
    Congratulations Tabymac!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   onduty23
    congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssss