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  1. by   mamaRN-09
    Just needed to went with my peeps. I am scheduled to take the "BIG ONE" on Tues the 19th. Of course I don't feel like I am ready. I am struggling with the SATA's. I just can't get a grip on those. The stress of this all I know has got to be creating an ulcer the size of my head. And not to mention the palpitations I get each time I think of the exam. I don't know which one I should assess first, the active bleed or my dysrhythmia. Needed to add a little humor, helps with the anxiety. I have two jobs waiting to hear the results (ooh the agony of it all). Thanks for letting me vent. I want to wish all of the future RN's luck with the NCLEX. I need to get off of this addicting site and back to studying. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. by   annfaith
    I know exactly how you feel. I have been doing Saunders and scoring in the 70's and 80's so I felt good. Same for the Lippincott and Mosbys. Then I take an ATI and score in the high 50's. I got nervous and began to question whether or not I am ready to test on Wed the 20th for my NCLEX-RN. I am going to have faith, continue to review some content and do about 300 questions a day until tuesday afternoon. Then its just trying to relax and mentally prepare myself for the test. Wishing you and me luck.
  3. by   mamaRN-09
    Thanks annfaith. I wish you luck also. I am in the same boat you are. I am scoring the same in Saunders. It makes me nervous though(am I scoring higher because I have done soo many questions and have memorized them or am I actually understanding the content?) Anyway I need to keep telling myself that I know I can pass this exam. How long have you been studying? Where are you going to take the exam? I am in CA. Of course one of the only states that does not have quick results. I don't know what is going to be worse, taking the exam or the waiting of the results? I know I am going to be trying the Pearson trick just to help with the anxiety of waiting. Good luck on Wed. I know we can do this. We did graduate from nursing school right?
  4. by   annfaith
    Hi mama-RN I am in VA. I did the HURST review and I am going to continue studying with that as well as Saunders. I test at 2:00pm on Wed and I plan to try and not study that day. I am going to have a massage at 1000 to try and relax. If I am in the house I may be tempted to pick up a book. I am going to try the pearsonvue trick that evening and hope for the best. I will let you know how it works out.
  5. by   mamaRN-09
    Annfaith sounds like you have a good plan. I test at 12. I am planning on going to breakfast with my husband and just relax before the exam. I agree with you, I know if I am at home I will pick up a book to study. My thought is if you don't know it by now your not going to know it. Again good luck. I will let you know how the test goes also.
  6. by   sarmike1
    I used the Pearson study guide and was pretty consistent in my practice scores (60s-and 70s) but I took the test today and felt like I had never even tried to study. Test ended at 80 but from what I hear on other places in the foum if you got med calcs you are not doing good (I am not sure how true that is I got 2) but I also got a lot of the SATA, infection controll, triage (very difficult not just an easy ABC answer!), and management. I walked out feeling like I bombed this one. Well I can use quick view so will let everyone on wednesday, whats done is done and its only another $200 haha and a week of STRESS!
  7. by   mackendrea24
    count me in..took mine last 5-14-09.. I PASSED!!found out yesterday
  8. by   sarmike1
    Congrats, how many and what type? and how did you feel when you walked out?
  9. by   mackendrea24
    Quote from sarmike1
    Congrats, how many and what type? and how did you feel when you walked out?
    Hello, i took 265 Q's,,i had about 15-20 SATAs, 3-5 Med Calc, mostly direct general questions..i only had about umm 5 pharma, 1 drag and drop/arrange in order, and prioritizing..

    i felt relieved but at the same time anxious and nervous with my results..

    how bout u?
  10. by   sarmike1
    I felt like I bombed it, so results will be ready on Wed, let you know.
  11. by   mackendrea24
    goodluck..i hope it's good news!
  12. by   sarmike1
    Thanks for the support.
  13. by   gdj
    Oh friend told me at work that they are anticipating on me taking the exam...of course they,ve been betting if I will pass or not... Thats so rude! Evrybody at work thinks I cannot pass the exam. I only took the exam the exam once and failed. Now Im gonna try again... It makes me more stressful now that people at work wants me to fail.

    I am still trying to finish the hurst review content. And I tried to take the practice test on saunders comprehensive review cd. I got 66% on the assessment. Now I feel more nervous and so anxious as to take the exam on the 28th. I guess I have to reschedule it on June 3rd.

    I dont know whats wrong with me. Im so sensitive to what other people are saying.... I really need to pass this. I pray everyday to the Lord, to help me forget what people are saying and help me to concentrate on the review. My family are hoping too that I will pass this exam. I feel like stupid that they talked behind me. Those people who I thought were my friend.

    How will I know if I amready to take the exam. How should I score in the saunders comprehensive review cd Q &A. Should I score at least 75% for me to be able to take the exam? Please help I am confused again....