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LuvofNursing has 17 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Obstetrics, M/S, Family medicine.

I am a 38 year old mother of 4 who JUST passed the ANCC board exam! I am planning to go into practice with an internal medicine doctor in my town.

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  1. LuvofNursing

    Stuck in the middle?

    So, I completed by FNP program... CHECK! I passed by ANCC exam... CHECK! I submitted my paperwork for licensure and to obtain my furnishing number to the BRN... CHECK! BUT I've been told it can take 2 months to get licensed!! In the meantime, where does that leave us? I have a job waiting... can I start? If so, what are my restrictions? I know I cannot write Rx yet, but can I only practice under the RN scope? BTW, I am in California.
  2. LuvofNursing

    Chamberlain online FNP

    As I mentioned before, Chamberlain (as I imagine are most online programs) are best for self motivated people who are able and willing to put the time in. The BEST thing about the Chamberlain program is that they purchase and FNP review for you in the last session, and it is not only an amazing program for the boards, but it helped quite a bit with clinicals! I will continue to use this review company throughout my FNP career, because the instructor has a great way of relaying information.
  3. LuvofNursing

    Chamberlain online FNP

    Walgreens and CVS are constantly taking students. They have a pretty streamlined process, just don't miss the application deadline. I did a portion of my first clinical session there (I ended up adding an urgent care, because the CVS' in northern CA were quite slow at that time. Depending on where you live, some of them are very busy.
  4. LuvofNursing

    Chamberlain online FNP

    sorry it took so long to respond! I graduated in Feb 2016 and just passed my ANCC exam. I am grateful for a program that allows the flexibility that I needed in my circumstances, but Chamberlain is, in my opinion, similar to a self study program. Of course, with an online program, there will be the need for "self-motivated" individuals who take the initiative to study topics which they aren't comfortable with or feel they need additional information on. My advice (if it is still needed!) is to find preceptors EARLY!!! Even if you are in your semester (yes you heard me right), begin contacting offices, NPs, MDs about possibly precepting there. You can let them know that it would not start for a number of months, but its important to get the ball rolling. And get your clinical site contracts/preceptor information in early as well. Many students who were supposed to be in my graduating class were delayed because of this. The instructors, for the most part, aren't great. You are basically fending for yourself in most classes, but you just need to make a point to motivate yourself to learn.
  5. LuvofNursing

    L&D nurse now FNP student

    Thank you everyone for explaining the ways that you relate. And anh06005, BSN, RN I just received the Barkley CDs. Enjoying them so far and yes they seem to break down the information into manageable nuggets.
  6. LuvofNursing

    L&D nurse now FNP student

    I am currently smack dab in the middle of my FNP degree after being a postpartum nurse for 3 years and labor and delivery nurse for 1 year. I graduated nursing school with acceptance to a Versant program, scholarships to pay off school and recommendations from the best professors and nurses. I went into postpartum and labor and delivery where I lost much of the knowledge that pertained to primary health. Now that I am in my FNP program, which focuses on clinic (vs my hospital experience) and primary care (vs obstetric care), I feel as though I am at starting from scratch. I love the case studies that we are getting, but feel as though I have to look EVERYTHING up. Nothing is coming natural. I even prescribed a lesser med for a UTI when I give patients Macrobid for them all of the time! I feel as though I have forgotten all the things I used to know. Anyone other FNP students feeling this way? Did it eventually click?
  7. LuvofNursing

    Any Chamberlain RN-to-BSN that have gone on to FNP?

    I received my RN to BSN from Chamberlain in December 2010, and I am currently in Chamberlain's FNP program. You are given $100 off per credit hour as an alumni who is attending Chamberlain for a Master's degree, which was a plus. I had heard (through the grapevine, not through my own experience) that it is more difficult finding a preceptor when attending an online program. I just began looking for a preceptor in the recent weeks, and there is a practicum coordinator who contacts them on your behalf. The reason I bring this up is because getting a good preceptorship may lead to a job offer, and this, of course, is the goal. One thing with Chamberlain's FNP program is that you are trained to work in a primary care clinic, not a hospital, which is not what everyone is looking for. Good luck
  8. LuvofNursing

    Chamberlain FNP program

    Taking my third class. No tests all papers.
  9. LuvofNursing

    Chamberlain FNP program

    I received my ADN to BSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing. I was very happy with the program... here is how I would rate it. 10/10 - convenience (including applying, access to classrooms and contact with teachers) 7/10 - quality (i have to be honest, i just wanted to get a BSN behind my name at this point) 7/10 - Cost (they counted many of my credits from my previous Bachelor's and looking at other online programs, this was a very reasonable program) They give a discount to Chamberlain Alumni of $300/class, which turns out to be about a $4500 savings, so before all of the additional costs, the program is around $24k for me. I will be starting their FNP program in the fall. Completely online except the immersion weekend (like the other post stated, in addison IL). Practicums are found by you in your home town, so you definitely need to have contacts. With the FNP program, there are 5 classes of practicums which are different topics (pediatric, womens health, etc). You can use an MD or NP for the practicum. I'm not sure which program Scrubing77 is referring to, but you can do all 5 practicums at different sites, there is just more work involved with getting background checks, etc done for each site. September '13 is the first cohort for the FNP program. The advisors are readily available by email or phone with questions and if you just want to inquire, go to the chamberlain website and click on the 'chat' button.
  10. LuvofNursing

    Job for a mother/baby experienced RN?

    anyone know of rn (mother/baby, pediatrics or labor and delivery) positions in the area from modesto to sacramento? experienced rn (bsn) in mother/baby with training in pediatrics. thank you! :)
  11. LuvofNursing

    Discharging a baby with abnormal labs?

    Looking for comments on the following scenario.... Mom delivered vaginally, GBS + treated only once, no other risk factors for baby to have an infection. We automatically order a CBC, CRP, blood culture on the baby since it had less than 2 treatments and GBS +. Labs come back (drawn approx 3 hours after birth). WBC 26.4 (critical high in our unit), CRP During the night, one RR is observed to be 64 (the others were normal, mid to upper 50's, just like the previous shift). The MD was mad that he hadn't been called with this bit of information, THEN orders a f/u cbc, crp, which comes back WBC 17.9, CRP 0.23, Bands 6. He sends the baby home. He also states that had that ONE 64 RR not been observed, he wouldn't have ordered a f/u lab and sent the baby home (with a 25.9 wbc and 17 bands!) Would you be comfortable with this as an RN?
  12. LuvofNursing

    Magnesium Sulfate Policy in your hospital

    I was glad to find this thread, because there has been some discussion as to what is considered standard of care for Magnesium patients. I work in a mother/baby unit, and our mag patients are considered the same as all other patients, so they are 1:8 ratio. We do VS (including BP, RR and O2), Urine output, dip for protein, lung sounds, DTRs and level of sedation every hour, which can be quite time consuming. Once they come to us, they are generally at 2gm/hour for at least 24 hours post delivery. Mag levels are generally every 6 hours. For those of you who do BP every 15 minutes, are you in L&D? It seems as though there is so many differences between policies. Does anyone know if there is an AWHONN or ACOG policy? thanks
  13. LuvofNursing

    Welcome to Mother-Baby Musings!

    Wow, 75%! That is quite high! I'd say my hospital is around 30% (although our hospital DID just put an end to mothers having an option for a VBAC). I think c-sections have become so common that we need to sit back and remember that we are performing surgery... and in our case, leaving that baby with that surgical patient to be cared for (in mother/baby). Surgical patients come with a plethora of additional potential complications that deserve a keen eye and careful attention. We need to perform hourly respirations, O2 and level of sedation checks on our c-section patients (not counting the post op vitals). If you have 75% c-sections, you are in and out of rooms without taking into account if the patients need anything out of the ordinary. I, too, am not against a procedure that could save a baby or mom's life, but we need to consider the complications of surgery as well.
  14. LuvofNursing

    If I'd only known....

    i am currently a mother/baby nurse who will be transferring to labor and delivery in the next 6 months. i have learned a lot in mother/baby, one of those things being.... labor and delivery is very different than postpartum. i have been reading about antepartum procedures, fhm, perinatal conditions and labor, but i was wondering.... you labor and delivery nurses, what do you wish you would've known (or studied) before going to labor and delivery? what complications/issues/conditions do you see over and over in l&d? thanks in advance!
  15. LuvofNursing

    Drug testing Labor patients

    AndreaRN23, I'm surprised about things not happening after baby is found positive. CPS is involved in all cases where baby is + for anything other than MJ (sometimes opiates depending on the patient's situation) At our hospital, we test premature labor, abruptions, Hx of drug use/previous + tox screens, suspicious behavior, limited/no prenatal care.
  16. LuvofNursing

    Help New to L&D

    I bought the book on "Perinatal Nursing" by Simpson through AWHONN. It does a good job of giving textbook information without being 'blah' like a textbook. As far as the most important information to know before going to labor and delivery, I'm afraid I won't be much help. I am in mother/baby and will be applying to L&D soon.

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