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Count me in - I'm taking mine on the 15th (for the last time).... Read More

  1. by   GoosbyLPN
    Quote from MsDiva812
    Count me in - I'm taking mine on the 15th (for the last time).
    Hey thats my test date too @ 1130 in Atlanta
  2. by   GoosbyLPN
    I;m taking mine May 15th @ 1130 am
  3. by   gdj
    i am taking mine on the 28th. Im so scared. I started my vacation last thursday from work. And have not really started reviewing. This is my second exam. And I have to pass this. But its so hard for me to concentrate becuase I have 2 babies to take care of plus my husband got laid off since january. I have been so stressful since I failed the first time. I am so depressed. I dont know what will I do if I fail this second time. I have to pass this or I will be out of job. They only give me a time limit for my position Nurse Associate. I need your prayers. Please, please, please, please, please............................................ ..................................PRAY FOR ME! I am so desperate to pass this. and I really need your prayers. My family needs me and I have to pass this. Please pray for me...Thank you and God bless you too.
  4. by   kcj07
    hey i am inthe same boat with you will be taking mine next week and more eager to pass i will pray for you.
  5. by   gdj
    Thank you so much. I am going to the library today. I will try to concentrate. May the Lord guide us all in studying.
  6. by   ginaO4
    hi everyone,
    i just took mine may 12th....result on pearson vue but still scared to find out that i failed....pray for me...
  7. by   annfaith
    HI I scheduled my NCLEX-RN today for Wed in VA. This will be my first and hopefully only time testing. I am a bit nervous but I have been studying hard. I attended the HURST Review and found it to be most helpful. I also have been using Saunders, Lippincott and NCLEX 3500. I am also using ATI. The predictor test said i have a 98% chance of passing on the first time. I still feel like I need to keep studying because everyone has said this test is very hard. I will post after I find out my results to let you guys know which book worked best for me and most importantly if I passed. Until then say a prayer for me.
  8. by   tsprague
    will be taking mine for lpn very soon, any helpful hints you can give me
  9. by   kind-hearted08
    i passed!!!!!! thank you jesus.
  10. by   LVAD RN
    Quote from kind-hearted08
    i passed!!!!!! thank you jesus.

  11. by   NURSE CARLA, L.P.N.
    Quote from kelbdz
    just took the nclex today i had about 150 or 160 questions...any takes on how i moght have done??
    hi my classmates have been talking about this . The first time i took my test i scored 128 questions. This friday i repeated this time scoring 87 questions. My classmates that have passed before me stated they all stop in the 80's and passed .
  12. by   gdj
    Im confused....Im reviewing the hurst review on the content areas. I've got one week before my exam. I was planning to first review the content first and then do the question and answer practice test. But I'm so behind because of all the distractions here in my environment- my two babies, plus a husband who got laid off and so exhausted to finish the review so I always delay the content review. Would you think its better to re schedule my exam so that i got 2 weeks to do the question and answer practice before my exam, or it is enough already to do the Q&A 6 days before my exam?

    Im so stressed and had a nervous breakdown yesterday...because Im trying to finsih my content areas but im so behind on my schedule already. Please help me...I am so confuse!
  13. by   LuvofNursing

    Take a deep breath in..............then out.
    In..........................................then out.

    Many times, it is not WHAT you know that causes you to pass or fail, but the doubt in your mind (or confidence) as to whether you truly believe you are going to pass or not. Trust yourself when you read questions. Remember that they are wanting to make sure you know the BASICS, don't think to heavily into the questions.
    Know the key words (like initial = assessment, essential = safety...etc)
    Know the answer strategies (an umbrella answer that encompasses all other answers, the two similar answers generally aren't the right ones.....etc), use these if a med/condition/topic is completely unfamiliar to you.

    Allow yourself to believe that you HAVE been studying for the NCLEX....for two (or 4 is BSN) years! You have already been learning.

    And.....if you do NOT pass, try to see it as a positive.....that gives you another opportunity to learn even more about your profession. Not passing isn't the end of the world, but don't worry about it before you have even given yourself a chance.

    I wish you the best of luck