Just took the NCLEX....some thoughts.

  1. First of all, i just took the NCLEX on Monday the 29th. I found out just a short time ago that I passed!! I am beyond words.

    what i wanted to say in this post is that I was a person, like many others, who found comfort and support by reading others questions and the response. I got 75 questions. felt awful about the entire thing. was not able to sleep. it has been torture.

    i was taken back at times when some people would be short or rude to people who are simply trying to vent and reach out for support. i was there with the stressed out masses. i check the BON site over and over. the quick results over and over. even though i know this did me no good, i couldn't focus on anything else. I am not going to say breathe and relax, because you will not be able to. the number of questions haunted me. i was not happy with 75 and would not be happy with 190 either. it is a no win because there is not an answer to ease the mind. but the support i found was in the moments i read that i got 75 questions and i would be ok. and that the people who got 75 and fail are ok as well.

    my message to those in the stressful period of waiting is this: find support and solace where you can. read peoples questions and experiences, you will see that you are not alone, others are with you feeling the same thing. i hope that the intense feelings you have during the time to find if you pass or fail remind you how important nursing is to each of us. i hope that your questions and concerns are received with support and caring. and of course, i wish you all the best. i feel lucky to have found this board. it has been a huge help at the exact time i needed it.
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  3. by   Drea1713
    CONGRATS on passing. i am also on the waiting list. took the test today and got 75 and am deadly afraid that I didn't pass. Thanks for giving me hope.
  4. by   GottaGetIn
    I'm taking it tomorrow. Great post. Thank you and congratulations!
  5. by   ima_nurse
    good luck to you. you will have to let us know how you did!! it is a stressful and rewarding thing. hard to imagine what it is like until you walk out of the room. i will be sending positive energy your way!!!
  6. by   beautsbelle
    Congrats to you on your success! I too feel the same way about the test. I walked in there today, hoping to get 75 questions, and when it shut off at 75 I wanted to cry. I wonder now, would I have felt better at 140 questions? or 100 for that matter? Or 265? Nope. I was going to freak out either way. Win-Win like you said.

    I did the "trick", and I can not re-register. I am praying that is a good sign. I tried it immediately after leaving the testing center, and again just now. Same pop up. I am trying to stay calm but I am a testing wreck, and I have been since high school. Nursing school was worse. I would have panic after a test until I knew my results, and ya know what? Even if I did not do good, I was relieved. Just knowing, pass or fail, I was OK. Of course, I felt better on the tests I did well, but you know what I mean.

    So I will continue to breathe, and I might take a bubble bath tonight to relax. I am tense and sore everywhere.
  7. by   ima_nurse
    I feel for you. the wait and questioning is the hardest part... i will be sending good thoughts your way too!!
  8. by   winsome08
    Congrats to u . For those waiting for results... I can't say to relax like another post indicated the waiting is the worse part...good luck to all of you.
  9. by   abigail09
    Congrats to you! All the hard work paid off. How long did it take you to answer 75? I am a very slow test taker. Pretty nervous about taking mine July 6th.
  10. by   ima_nurse
    it took me less than an hour. I am not a fast test taker either. my appointment was at 8am, and i was out at 855. of course that added to my stress after too. there really wasn't anything i didn't second guess or that i felt comfortable about. but reading others peoples experiences was really my lifeline after i took it. just pay no attention to the negative people. they are bitter for a reason.
  11. by   beautsbelle
    I too think I was out in less than an hour. I started close to 8 and sent my daughter a text message at about 9 that they needed to come and get me. Mind you, some of that is the tutorial at the beginning, that does count against your time also.
  12. by   gifted87
    Hey guys I just took my NCLEX yesterday and I am really trying to cope. I prayed so hard for success, and I got 75 questions. Everybody tells me that if you get 75 ?s thats a good indicator of passing, and my test was all SATA and priorities and teaching. Or in other words, high level, diificult questions. The only reason that I think I passed is because I got 75 questions. I'm very anxious and I should get my results on Thursday. Wish me luck!!!
  13. by   MFSoon2BRN
    I'm scared outta my mind! This is the 8th business day that I haven't seen my name on the BRN website. I'm pretty convinced I failed. I called in to see if my file was complete, and it was. Has anyone out there received their results late? And what were the delay reasons...
  14. by   gifted87
    8 business days??? Wow thats a long time! Our results are posted promptly on the Pearsonvue website in 48 hours. What is the process for finding out your results?