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I just took my NCLEX-RN boards the second time and feel horrible :o ! the first time I had 265 questions and failed, well, go figure, lucky me once again had 265 questions!!!! How frustrating! Have... Read More

  1. by   DolphinRN84
    Go to the sticky on top of this forum that says "First tip of my new study guide." It will tell you what to do and where to go from there. It is part of Suzanne's plan. Good luck!
  2. by   bmmagic
    I had a very, very similar experience.

    1st test - 265 and failed
    2nd test - 265 and failed

    My performance report improved quite a bit on the 2nd test. The 1st I had 2 of 8 catagories "BELOW" the passing standard and the rest "NEAR".

    On the 2nd, I had 7 of 8 "NEAR" and 1 "ABOVE" the passing standard. I too am using Susanne's Plan, which is based off of "Saunder's Comprehensive Review 3rd Edition -w- CD."

    I was in an ICU internship as a GN (ADN grad) making pretty decent money for central Texas ($20.73/hr base +$3.50 nights, $4 weekends, $5 holidays) when I failed the test. I thought it might be a tad embarrassing going back after passing the 2nd test, but I failed again and went back to the same unit (SICU) with my peers and proctors all around me. Explaining why I vanished for a while and why I'm wearing teal-colored (nurse tech) scrubs wasn't as bad as I had envisioned, for everyone was/is very supportive. I hadn't worked as an aid in the past so this is still good experience in my actual scope of practice and what I witness around me.

    Still, there's no way I'm failing #3. It's great to be employed at the hospital and on the unit I want to be (and will be) an RN at, but time seems to fly and stand still simultaneously as I head towards the next NCLEX-RN exam.

    You are not alone!!! Don't let failing #2 get you down. Let's both/all pass the next one, for that's the one that counts!
  3. by   Nursing28
    sorry to hear that u didn't pass. did you try Saunder's????????
  4. by   KD4
    Hi, I am new to this site, a co-worker of mine introduced me to this site. I have also taken the test twice and failed twice. Very discouraged, but perservering! I had 262 questions the first time and 265 the second.. And I am keeping the hope that the third time will be the charm as well! Also, keep faith in God that He will pull us through. We can do all things through Him who gives us strength and rejoice in times of trial for it is in these times that brings forth perserverance and teaches us patience. Good Luck next time, and know u are not alone! The test is horrible and truly not a predictor to how well of a nurse u are or will be!
  5. by   dollface99
    Hi guys, I am new on the block and need help studying for the NCLEX a second time. I used kaplan online course and I am wondering if I should use Kaplan a second time. Kaplan have a money back guarantee but I don't want it back, I just want to pass.

    Can someone give me any advice on this matter. I also need advice on how to study for the second time around.

    I am sorry if the thread is wrong, and don't have my own but I am still trying to work this website forum, thread thing.
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  6. by   bmmagic

    I've opted to utilize "Suzanne's Plan" which utilizes "Saunder's Comprehensive Review" as the main source of reference/study. There is a thread (sticky one) near the top that has "step one" of her plan and a lot of posts with questions and answers.
  7. by   Botsok1201
    So sorry to ever hear that.. Dont worry, you'll soon have your time.. Perhaps HE still has some plans for you.. Have some time off and be sure to be back on track once again..
  8. by   kygirl792003
    JUST so you know that you can pass with 265 questions the 2nd time after having 265 questions the first time, because I am living proof. I took my boards again Nov. 8th and passed with 265 questions and felt like I relly failed. So just keep your head up.