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Having the option to choose from a variety of review courses I finally decided to choose NCSBN course review. The two main reason for choosing the latter one was the prize (although I would love... Read More

  1. by   lovenandj, RN
    Quote from beachbutterfly
    Wow awsome,do you have a job yet? What type of questions did you get on the NCLEX (what systems?) Also what do you think helped you to pass the NCLEX,did you do all the questions from NCBSN review and Saunders, did you review all the content,thanks.
    I did all of the NCSBN questions, and only did Saunders during school to review for tests. I didn't study any content besides reviewing that CDC appendix. It is 40-some pages, but I felt it was kind of easy to pick out the diseases that I felt I needed to know.

    And nope, no job yet, though not for a lack of trying
  2. by   NutMegPSU
    Cubano30, Hey what is the website or link that you were talking about where you said we could get mnemonics for the infectious diseases and random fact throwing? Thanks!
  3. by   cubano30
    Hi NutmegPSU,

    Its the first thread (IN GREEN) when you log into allnurses.com: ANYONE UP FOR RANDOM FACT THROWING.


    Good Luck

  4. by   NutMegPSU
    Ok thanks so much I will look for it. Because I always get the transmission of infectious diseases confused!
  5. by   summit09
    Hello guys,

    Somebody told me about the NCSBN and they said it is really good. I am going to try that. In fact, I am going to order it maybe later. I already scheduled myself to take the test this July 11. Do you think I still have time to go over with the NCSBN or is still realistic? what is your opininion? I tried kaplan and they are hard I am just getting 55 %. In saunders I got 66%. So I really don't know. I am just so anxious and scared to fail. I need some motivation. Okay! take care..... keep me posted. thanks...
  6. by   NutMegPSU
    Yea Kaplan is really hard! I've been doing Kaplan and NCSBN. SOme of my classmates that passed NCLEX were only getting in the 50-60% also. I am scheduled to take the test on July 10th! But I started NCSBN last week. I would say it is not realistic to start it now unless you have a lot of time to dedicate to it. I am so sick of studying Im having a hard time staying focused. Hope this helps!
  7. by   nneoma
    please guys how much is this NCSBN course review? And is it better than the kaplan review course.This is my 3rd time taking the nclex and i want it to be the last!!! I really need advice on how to prepare.Kaplan seems too expensive!
  8. by   summit09
    Just go the website of NCSBN Learning Extension, google it. They are offering different prices depending upon how many weeks. I purchased the 3 weeks for only $49 and I think the 5 weeks is $69. Not bad, yup the Kaplan is really expensive close to $500. I heard the Saunders Q and A is good too it is only $45 for 5,000. Kaplan has only 3,500 questions. Good luck and keep us posted.
  9. by   summit09
    NutMegPSU, so you think I need to reschedule my test for another 2 weeks or so?
  10. by   NutMegPSU
    Summit09, I would say either keep using what you have, the Kaplan and Saunders if you feel comfortable with them and are getting enough practice. You could get the NCSBN and easily go through the practice quizzes and Q&A tests between now and the test date. THe only reason to move the test date back is if you wanted to read all the NCSBN content. I am not finding the content as helpful as doing their practice quetions! Hope this helps!
  11. by   nneoma
    Thanks so much, summit09! Do you have any idea of how I can schedule myself to pass this exam? Please what is the "susan's plan"? I need help from someone please.
    Do you think I should go for the kaplan preparatory classes or jut get the book with the CD? pls list the books you recommend together with the NCSBN.
  12. by   NutMegPSU
    nneoma, I took the Kaplan class but if i were you I would just get the Kaplan book with the CD and do the NCSBN. They recommend doing 4,000-7,000 practice questions before taking the exam. hope this helps.
  13. by   beachbutterfly
    OH my God the questions from alternative style format are so hard,I got most of them wrong terrible....but I love the section on heath promotion and teaching even though I'm not planning to be an OB nurse but I learned so much useful information.