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i will retake my nclex on june 27 and i really need to pass this exam. good luck to all !!!:typing... Read More

  1. by   melsman1904
    I did lots of questions from Saunders, ATI and Lippincott.
  2. by   bummer83
    thank you guys for the support and prayers on this thread. and goodluck and godbless to everyone taking the nclex!
  3. by   +one
    Quote from bummer83
    thank you guys for the support and prayers on this thread. and goodluck and godbless to everyone taking the nclex!
    Congratulations Bummer83
  4. by   gmga02
    Hi all!
    I am taking the NCLEX on June 24th, in WI.
    I am also scared, and I am glad I am not the only one!!
    I do not think my brain can handle anymore information. I so want this to be over with, so I can have my life back!! I think I forgot who my husband is!
    I am so nervous, I try not to think about it. I took the Kaplan review class,and am doing the questions in the Qbank.
    good luck to all!!
  5. by   exotic123
    I am taking Nclex on july 3. I am using Kaplan and only scoring 55-60%. Can anyone help me.
  6. by   soccernae
    Okay...HI ALL!! I have been reading this site for 2 weeks straight while i was studying for this dreaded exam. Today was my exam and i feel/felt awful! I cannot even believe how hard it was or how bad i did. I cried at my cubical in the middle of the damn test for gosh sakes!!! I ended up with 130ish questions, i am not 100% sure the number cause i was trying not to keep looking and concentrate. Which concentrating was TERRIBLE when i felt like i knew none of the previous answers. I felt like giving up at about 90-100 and felt i had done so bad that i couldnt redeam myself. (And i was good in nursing school..i mean i only failed one exam and we had to pass all with a 80 and i got a 78!!) Honestly i cant even remember the type or subject of questions that i was asked. This has been the worst experience that i have ever encountered. I wanna cry and puke every second. Soooo i came home and decided to try the 'trick". My heart was pounding while i was answering the questions, i got a box that said i have a open registration. Ok i thought so i came back to this lovely site and read that that means my test wasnt submitted yet. I waited about another half hour and tried again. Delivery successful....here goes nothing i thought.........GOT THE BOX and didnt let me go through to cc. Well that takes off a sliver of anxiety. But i still feel like i did terrible...i mean terrible on my test that i dont believe it! I keep praying that i passed by the will of my passed loved ones and god. I hope that this trick is right and i will be able to put those two lovley letters after my name. The waiting game begins and i am hoping and praying for myself and all you others in the same boat..Thankyou everyone for keeping me sane during the hardest and most important test in our lives!!!
  7. by   +one
    good luck soccernae.

    I will be taking mine 4 days from today. Well right now I am just reviewing my notes and the things that I have to read again. I had reviewed for a month but had to have some "time out days".
    Well a couple of weeks "time out". Im just focusing on the Saunders Comprehensive CD.
    Good luck to all the Test Takers and Let's hope that we all pass this Exam.
  8. by   gmga02
    Hi Soccernae!
    at least it is behind you!! Let us know how you did. I take mine in 12 days, and I am so sick of studying and doing questions!!
    good luck!!
  9. by   gmga02
    dear exotic123,
    If you took the Kaplan, then you know that they said to get in the 60's for the q bank. Just keep doing the questions, using the decision tree when applicable.
    and review content, I think that is important too!
    good luck, keep us posted!!
    I will be so glad when it is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12 more days!!!
  10. by   ywiley
    You will be just fine, I studied the Kaplan strageties NClex Rn, I read the book like 3 times but what really helped me is answering questions using the Saunders 4th edition, I practiced analysis, application based questions and also delegation and prioritizing question, the Nclex ask questions on analysis and application level if you answer questions in these areas, when you go and take your exam your anxiety level will be so low and you will feel very confident, when I went and took my exam on June 3, I felt as if I have seen those quesions before, I recieved my Rn license in the mail Saturday June 6th, I passed on the first try just by using the strategy listed above. Good luck to you!!!!!!
  11. by   Praying2b_USRN

  12. by   melsman1904
    I passed!
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Congrats to eveyone that has passed up to now and good luck to everyone else