ID check at Testing Center

  1. Hello everybody! I had to fill out my NCLEX application online without having my DL with me...I filled out everything but my middle name because I was positive that it wasn't on my DL. Later, when I got home I realized I was wrong and now I am freaking out about it. My ATT will only have my first and last name, but my ID will have first last and middle name. I am going to have to call my BON but wanted to put a quick check in here first to see if anyone had this problem or if I am freaking out about nothing.
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  3. by   Imafloat
    I didn't have a problem. My ATT only had first and last name and my license has first, middle, and last.
  4. by   precy
    only the first and last names must match
  5. by   nursedandy
    That will be OK as long you can sign exactly the same as your signature in your ID. I witnessed one nurse during my NCLEX that she almost wasnt able to sit for the exam. She was so nervous that it took her 8 times before she finally got the right signature.So just stay calm.
  6. by   AuntieRN
    Yeah my DL only has my first and last name on it...but my ATT and nursing license have my first, middle and last name on them. It will be ok...good luck when you take your boards.
  7. by   mom2michael
    I've called and checked on this already - it's OK - they only care about your first and last name matching on your DL vs. your NCLEX application.
  8. by   MeljabRN
    My ATT said full middle name and my middle name on my ID is spelled out. I also didnt sign anything like the signature on my id and they didnt make me do it over.