I PASSED (The way I see it)

  1. i waited for so long to make this post, i was writing it in my head for so long and now that i'm finally able to do it, i don't know what to say. but like i mentioned in my title, i passed and i'm so happy.
    first time i took it in january, and i failed. i was very disappointed and it seemed to me like it was mission impossible.:angryfire
    i took a break(for a month or so) and then went back to studying, didn't change anything.....kept reading saunders and doing 100 questions a day(reading all rationales).i strongly believe that saunders is a great tool for preparing. and since i didn't use anything else, i cannot say that it is better than anything else or the best, but i liked it from the first page and i decided to stick with it.
    so, two days ago i went for my second try and i just found out that i passed. i had 265 questions, it took me almost all 6 hours to do it and yes it was hard. again,i didn't think that i passed but luckily, i was wrong.:spin:
    and finally, the way i see it....it is very hard but it is not impossible and if i did it, than anybody can. i say this because i'm a foreign graduate and i graduated 15 years ago. i'm stay at home mom with two small children and i live in europe at the moment.
    this site was (and still is) my only connection with nursing world. i wouldn't know where to start and what to do if it weren't for brian, suzanne, silver dragon and all of you who were posting your experiences.....thank you all. please feel free to pm me if you have any questions.
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    Congratulations, really pleased for you and good luck to the future
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    I am really happy to hear the good news!!!