I passed the 2nd time!

  1. Hi all ,

    I just want to share with all you that I passed my the NCLEX exam the 2nd time. I cannot believe it. I took my exam on May 4th and I just got my result in the mail. I am very happy none the least. I decided against getting the quick result because after I took the exam I didn't feel good about it. I am pregnant and I just want to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and get things ready for my baby. That why I just didn't get the quick result.

    Anyhow, what I did to pass the second time:

    I did thousands of questions and I prayed everyday. I used the questions and answers book from saunders. This book doesn't have comprehensive review just questions and answers. I did use the comprehensive review saunders book the first time, but I felt I needed more questions so I went out and got questions and answers book. I felt this really helped.

    I also spoke to my husband and friends about how I felt. It was sort of like talk therapy and they all gave me postive feedback. This helped a lot too because I got a lot of the negative thought out of my mind. I believe that this really helped because I didn't have negative thoughts going into the exam and I felt good about it.

    I also asked for people to pray for me. I truly believe God help me. Everytime I would get anxious and I would prayed. Everytime I didn't feel like studying, I prayed. Also, before I started the exam I said a prayer and wrote down, "God's Grace is Sufficient" I truly believe in that statement. I know God has a plan for me and whenever it was he will provide. I felt that nursing was what God wanted me to do and when he felt it was my time to be a RN that he would make me a RN. I just has to continue working hard and continue believing that God would provide.

    That my story and I am very happy to say that I am finally an RN. Best of luck to all of those who are taking the exam soon. Remember you can do it.

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    Congratulations on your success... that's awesome!
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    Congratulations! Nicely done.
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