I PASSED NCLEX-RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!! 1st time 75 questions!!!!!!!!!

    I'm still in awe, I can't believe I'm an RN now!!!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One less thing to worry about now. I'm cleaning out my thousands of index cards and Millions of notes. lol I have boxes full of powerpoints and notes its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Pearsonvue Trick works by the way, I got the pop-up box!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy I found this site. It really helped me focus on my study and helped me when I needed clarification.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My hints is know your content well, answer questions more for test strategies and knowing how to approach the test because I've done questions mainly from Kaplan and Saunders. I somethings did Mosby, Davis, NCLEX 3500 and I still can't say any of the questions styles were that close. Maybe Kaplan was the slosest but even then not really more the priority questions and theire stratgegy style. NCLEX to me was pretty straight to the point. Our school took the HESI and HESI was so wordy and gave useless information which always confused me in what they were looking for. So I thought NCLEX was a bit easier but the HESI and NCLEX are very different from each other if you ask me.

    I didn't get any Math or OB questions on my exam. I got 11 SATA, Priority, Teaching, Infection Control, Medications, 2 EKG questions, Peds, Psych. I didn't think the test was too hard or too easy I thought it was fair.

    Listen I have never been a good test taker like seriously. I take that back I've never done well on standardized exam because once I knew what my teacher liked to test on I did ok that's how I got out of nursing school but back to standarized exam even the SAT I did just enough to get into college. The HESI I took 3 times. And its not like I don't know the information that's why I say you must know your content but you must also understand the test, the strategies and know what they are wanting from you. Know your symptoms, your normals vs abnormals, abc's, maslow, etc. The more questions you do the more you well start to see a connection of how these NCLEX people think. Pay attention to what question you have on your screen, that's our only patient. Even if you never heard of something see if you can figure it out from the answer choices.

    Oh and the day before the test don't anything. I have never listened to this advice but I did for the NCLEX and it actually helped my anxiety level go way down then normal. I mean of course you will be anxious but PRAY and cast all your worries and fears unto the LORD. PRAY AND PRAY HARD!!!!!!!!! Keep the Lord on your side and you will be sucessful.

    Be confident!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU LORD and Thank you AllNurses Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh I'm working on a Transplant Floor and I'm loving it, started as a GN and now I have my official titile as RN!!!!!!
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    Awesome!! Congratulations, RN!!
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  5. by   Kevin RN08
    Good advice for all test takers, if you don't know it the day before the test, you aren't going to suddenly "get it" the day before. I did review lab values, finished my Hurst test and watched the test review from the "5th day" CD that came with the review, but that was for entertainment purposes (Marlene Hurst is a riot) and due to not being able to sleep. I would add to get to the testing center early, relax in the parking lot or nearby park, breath in ... breath out, listen to some EASY music, relaxation CD, or the birds ... RELAX. Remember, they know you don't have 5 years of nursing experience (if you do forget the "real world"), the test is focused on the base knowledge of a BRAND NEW NURSE.
    I will echo the other comments: know your priorities, Maslow's, Infection Control, and basic drug categories/uses/side effects, scope of practice. Unlike our school tests, don't be afraid to call the Dr. IMO the test questions weren't that hard, the answers were very close and some didn't have a "throw away" so you have to read the options very closely.
    Lastly, I looked up some statistics the other night. In 2008 129,121 US Educated First Time Candidates tested 86.7% passed, the 2009 first quarter results are 31,063 candidates 88.07% passed first time. This is from BSN, ADN, Diploma and even "Invalid or Special Programs" (whatever that means). The point is that this test has a quite high pass rate. https://www.ncsbn.org/1237.htm
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    wow congrats we tested on the same day but how come i am not getting my results yet? i just keep doing the pearsonvue trick...i test june 18, at 12 pm....aaarrrgggghhhh the wait is killing me!
  8. by   Lil_Mama4sho1
    I'm in Florida and you can go on the doh website and look up pass or fail for the nclex. And you can try putting your name to see if your license pulls up as well. Florida is pretty quick with that from what I hear.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Every BON is different and some show results within 24 hours and others it takes longer.
  10. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    i live in massachusetts...its not coming up...i think i failed and i am the only person the pearsonvue trick went wrong with? but i got the pop up!
  11. by   Kevin RN08
    I just found out that I passed!
    The Va BON license lookup online still doesn't show me, but they have a license verification phoneline and I had results there.

    I too tried the "Pearsonvue trick" and got the pop up that wouldn't let me register.
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    CONGRATS!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the advice!
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    Happy for you!! I am still a student nurse so I will store this info away. When did you start studing?