I Passed

  1. I just recieved my quick results and I passed, I am so very happy yea. I just wanted to share.
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  3. by   praeclarus

  4. by   Noahj
    when did you take it? i was wondering if i might luck out and find out today or will it be tomorrow.

    took it yesterday morning.

  5. by   gerry79
    Congrats!!!!!!!!! I have 3 days until I take it and cant wait until its over!!!!!!
  6. by   nadu13
  7. by   renri4
    congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! :Melody: :Melody: :hatparty: :smiley_aa
  8. by   NKL39
    Congratulations! I take mine tomorrow morning!
  9. by   savedbutterfly
    I took my Mon and they said it would take 48 hrs i took it at 8 am. I tried to check to see if my results were up at 7am today and they did not go up until 8am. So I guess they wern't joking. LOL
  10. by   onduty23
    congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssss
  11. by   EzBSN
    job well done!! :caduceus:
  12. by   JaxiaKiley
    That is awesome -- Congrats!!
  13. by   savedbutterfly
    thank you all so much, i was so excited when i saw pass i think that this has been a great day. :roll
  14. by   KellieNurse06
    Congratulations butterfly!!!!! Isn't is great to have that feeling???? It took me 2 weeks to find out my results, and I kept rechecking out of disbelief that I was seeing things...rotflmao...talk about walking on eggshells! Enjoy the feeling!!!!! Isn't it great???!!!! Welcome into nursing! I am a brand new nurse too!!