I pass the NCLEX...!!!! Everyone else think positive, you can do it too!!

  1. Hi everyone!
    I took the NCLEX this Tues 15 Agust and today early morning I found my name!!!
    Thank you for all the imputs that make me gain more confidence....!!!
    I took Kaplan, I did the Test trainer with scores around 65% and actually in the last test trainer (7) I got 53% and I felt disappointed for that but never give up, I kept my mind thinking positive...
    My NCLEX Test stopped at 75 questions, but I didn't know how I did, I felt it to hard, but anyway, at the end I was relaxed because I just took it, and I was only matter of time, wait for the results...know, this morning, I got the results and I passed!!!!
    So, for everyone waiting for taking the test or waiting for result, be positive and pray, pray it really helps !!!!
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  3. by   RGN1
    WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!:smiley_aa
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    Congratulations!!! :hatparty:
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    Congratulations to you!!!!

    I passed mine too, just found out online an hour ago. Took it this Wednesday, didn't even know how many questions I answered.

    Feels great to finally be officially "RN!"

    And yes, I prayed a lot too!!! So thankful to God!!!

    Wish you all the best!!

  10. by   Corvette
    Congratulations! Enjoy your success!! Welcome to the RN world!
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  12. by   maguti71
    Hi everyone,!
    Thank you for all your congratulations, I couldn't read them before, because I was preparing eeverything for my first job, but I really appreciate them...
    Thank you so much, and good luck to all who are studying or waiting for results...