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  1. Hi everyone haven;t been on lately trying to study for my second go round .I did suzanne program and I took kaplan reveiw.And guess what? I take exam tomrrow,Iam nervous,but confident.I feel better about the priorty questions. The first time I didn't tell anyone I was taking my test,and my freind told me share this info with a few people ,because the more prayers the better. So I ask all my freinds here at allnurse to add me in your prayers tonight.I thank you all in advance.I must not let my anxeity go wild this time. I ll keep you all posted.I got to do this thing this time I am the only one out of my class that failed.
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  3. by   2005grad
    I ask right now that God open your understanding and give you wisdom, guidance, and peace:angel2: . I too was the only that failed nclex on the first time around. But the devil is a liar and I will have my victory. Right now just going over problems and answers. Suzanne will be sending out the study guide after christmas and I can't wait. Going to follow it word for word. Go and PASS!!!

  4. by   lexus380
    oh tk you so much it brought tears to my eyes i feel i will do it and I will pray for you just keep practicing questioning everyday, and we will have it. Tks again 4 the prayer i needed that.
  5. by   aiming
    goodluck! just trust in the lord. be confident in yourself. my prayers are with you.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Good luck and have confidence!

    Also, have faith.....
  7. by   BlessedbyGod
    Hi Lexus, well you got one hard part over with, now the second hardest, waiting on the results. I'm going to believe you passed, 92 sounds like a good number .
  8. by   lexus380
    yks so much for the prayer and words of enc ,I found out today. All things are possible through Christ Jesus, continue to study I know you will as I did I won't forget you all in my prayers.
  9. by   2005grad
    LEXUS did you pass? Living in SC and we had a bad ice storm leaving power a lot of people without power. Thank God I only lost mine for 1 hour. Cable service been down so I wasn't able to check message until this am.

  10. by   Jessy_RN
    Hoping that you passed too. Let us know.
  11. by   2005grad
    Saw in another post lexus past....Congratulations
  12. by   Tweety