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Hi all, I just found out this morning that I failed the nclex-rn at 186 questions. I have never felt more humiliated and embarassed than I do right now. I had to call my family and tell them the... Read More

  1. by   LIDIYA
    I am sorry to hear that you did not make it ...

    However, it's not the end of the world ! You'll get 2nd time. Not passing the NCLEX on your first try does not mean that you are going to be a 'bad nurse' , it simply means that you'll need to study a little bit more. After all, it's only a test.

    I would strongly advise you this time do as many NCLEZ type Qs as possible (I did around 40000 b4 I took it). Next thing is – don’t be in a rush to retake it ASAP. Set a time frame for yourself for studying, meaning, think for a minute " How many weeks do I need to do >= 4000 Q and review content again. You'll have to study every day ! Cramming for the NCLEX does not work for everybody. Therefore, taking your time and get ready for 2nd try is crucial. Don't listen to those who say that 2, 3, or 4 weeks of studying is enough b/c we all different. Thus, set your own timeframe for studying and than you'll feel more confident about yourself.

    Kaplan Q - bank online helped me a lot. From all of the materials that I used for studying, I found Kaplan's Q-bank being the most close to the NCLEX type Qs, and Sounder's book - being very valuable for the content review.

    Keep in mind, that Qs from Sounders are more knowledge based type Qs, and I thought that they were too easy for me, whereas, Kaplan Qs were more challenging and, to me, looked more like a real test.

    I gave myself 8 weeks to get ready for NCLEX, and I did at least 100 Qs
    every day. I passed on my 1st try with 75 Qs.

    Good luck ! Do not give up !
  2. by   kendel
    I Took Nclex And Pc Shut Off At 235 Questionjs,
    I Thought I Failed But Passed

    I Know The Anxiety And The Horrible Feeling

    I Did "med S Publishing Nclex Rn Exam Essentials 11th Ed By Patricia A Hoefler And Did Kaplan Practice Questions

    I Suggest Study The Medications Side Effects, And The Med Surge Part The Most.

    And Pray Before You Test And Ask God For Help