I did all 265 questions, for 6 hours, and passed. AMA

  1. I know there are many people in the past that were distraught after taking all 265 questions on the NCLEX-RN. Well I'm making it known that you can still pass at 265.
    I was less prepared than I thought I was. I studied that 35 page study guide that gets thrown around these parts and a couple hundred NCLEX app questions. And I crammed. I also assumed that I was going to take at most an hour and a half and told my dad to be back by then lol. Oh man was I wrong! I began to lose hope as time wore on and each question went by. This was hard! Holy SATA! And priority! Ouch. I thought I was getting most of them wrong. 2 hours go by, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours! And I almost didn't have enough time to finish! I finished 265 about 1.5 minutes before 6 hours and after 265 it alerts me that I'm taking the research section and it should take 30 min. I was like.... "heck no!" And the questions continued to count up... 266, 267....um what? Times up! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!
    I had a mixed bag of emotions, but I was pretty ticked off. I knew I had failed. No questions. I even broke the news to mom and dad. Oh my dad lol. He was like "omg! You told me 1.5 hours!"... But he was cool. I started at 3:20 and ended at 9:20! I was tired, sleep deprived, and starving. Had some food, felt better. Read up on allnurses.com. Saw how everyone had similar experiences. And there were 265ers just like myself, who knew they failed but ended up passing,.... hmm, could I have possibly passed?
    I did the pearsonvue trick the next morning after a good night's sleep. I knew I'd have to take it again anyway. But to my astonishment I got the good pop-up. That didn't solve the world's problems or anything like that. But it took the edge off. Lo and behold, several hours later I checked my state boards website for my license and it was ACTIVATED THAT MORNING! I had passed!
    The moral of the story is that you can pass at 265! You never know for sure. And yes the PVT is accurate! Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   bookchick
    That's awesome!
  4. by   hopefulRN'17
  5. by   hopetopassnclex
    Wooo! Congratulations. Does some of the questions seem like what you have seen before or just odd to you?
  6. by   Gml2095
    Sorry... Didn't think anyone was going to reply. I'm new!
    It was similar but different. I'm trying to put my finger on it. It was harder than nursing school exams, but similar to how they prep you with ATI, or whatever your school uses. But it's almost like you can't prepare for it. The questions get harder and are very application based. You have to know the knowledge behind things. I was ill prepared. Practicing more nclex style questions would have helped me better. Also memorizing lab values and medications etc
  7. by   Gml2095
    Thanks bookchick. Nice screen name!
  8. by   Gml2095
    Thanks so much. It feels great
  9. by   Allonsymckenzie
    Congratulations! Do you feel that if someone practiced at least 100 nclex style questions a day, it would help? This is my strategy so far and I test on the 27th.
  10. by   Gml2095
    Absolutely. Are you a good test taker? Do you know all the diseases that accompany each system? And know your lab values of course. Do you study the rationales?
  11. by   Allonsymckenzie
    Yes, I've been writing down what I've not been clear on, and I've taken NCLEX RN Mastery's pretest (78% chance but I had a noisy library and forgotten the earplugs I normally use) and have been going over my weaker areas. I'm a decent test taker, better with earplugs like I had mentioned. Thankfully they can provide those if wanted. I've reviewed systems and then gone and reviewed questions on those systems. I'm just realizing how close it is and hoping that this is enough.
  12. by   Gml2095
    You've got plenty of time. You'll be fine. You're doing well!
  13. by   Heylove
    The five day Kaplan course explains exactly how the NCLEX is scored and how you were able to pass with that many questions. It's fascinating, really.

    I was so impressed with how much Kaplan helped me pass NCLEX that I'm also using them for my LSAT preparation.
  14. by   Gml2095
    It is fascinating!