I am at the point I can not study anymore, I take nclex tues.30th, could I be ready?

  1. I have been doing nclex questions and brushing up on some content. I am at the point right now, I just want to get it over with. I take my test on Tuesday at 9am. I have been studying for 2 1/2 months, could this mean I am ready?
    Anyone feeling the same way? I just can not studying anymore.
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  3. by   Cherybaby
    Hey there!

    I take the test on the same day at the same time too! I know what you mean. My brain feels like mush. I have been studying for about 8 weeks now, to the point where I feel I am more memorizing as opposed to thinking. My head feels like oatmeal and I just want to sleep until Tuesday 7am. I would like to keep studying, but I can't find the strength anymore...and keep telling myself...if I dont; know it by now, I never will.

    Meet me back at this thread on Tuesday and let me know how yours went...maybe we'll find out some good news together by Thursday!

    I hope.

  4. by   MrsWampthang
    My advice: take the next two days off and do nothing related to nursing. Go to the gym and workout, go see a good movie, read a good book, just relax!! If you don't know it by now, then two days of cramming are not going to help you pass the NCLEX. Above all, don't stay up all night Monday night cramming!! Get plenty of sleep and awake refreshed and ready to go. Now, go to the video store and rent you a good comedy like "How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days" or "Fifty First Dates". Good luck!!!! Both of you keep us informed on how you did. Oh, and don't panic if the machine shuts off before you think you've answered enough questions right to have passed. Mine shut off at 75 and I totally panicked, but everyone told me that by shutting off that soon, it was almost a sure bet that I passed. (I did!). Again, good luck!

  5. by   Cherybaby
    Awwwwwww Pam!

    You just gave me permission to lay in bed in my jammies, eat popcorn, watch chick flicks and send the children to stay at their friends houses! Yah!

    I think I may just review some Lab Values, which for some reason, I have a hard time keeping straight...cause I am not a numbers person.

    Hooray! *runs back to bed!*

    Thanks, Love.

  6. by   trekjudy
    Cher, I will meet you on Thursday on this thread. We will both pass. I am going to just lay around and watch the snow fall here in Michigan. Actually, I will go out and play with my daughter in the snow. My husband has been bugging me to stop looking things up, I am going to stress myself out. There is no way I can know everything.....

    Let me know how you are doing tomorrow.
  7. by   Anjann
    Hey there! I just took my NCLEX on JAN 11th and I was the EXACT same way! I actually postponed the test several times because I was such a chicken!

    My opinion of MY PERSONAL testing experience was that it is more a test of what you have learned over the years of school and less about cramming. Nevertheless, I was totally paranoid for weeks writing down every med, lab value, and any other obscure detail I ran across that I was sure would pop up!

    Bottom line, if you're stressing that hard, I think you're probably ready. The night before my test I went out to a nice dinner, relaxed in the hot tub and went to bed early! and I passed at 75. I was totally at critical mass, couldn't shove one more thing in my brain, and was so tired of the stress that I just wanted to get it over with pass or fail, so I know how you feel. I will send lots of good thoughts your way on Tuesday! You can do it! umpiron:
  8. by   Cherybaby
    Judy, I am freaking out. FREAKING. I figure, if I don't know it now...I was never going to. The thing that gets me more than anything is this.

    There are hundreds of thousands of medications in the world. How in HECKS name do you possibly have a clue of what to focus on? I mean, I tried to keep it to cardiac meds, diabetic meds and neuro meds. Then, I take a practice test and get slammed with about three dozen questions on meds I never even heard of! :chuckle And the questions aren't about "what is it used for" when you can sort of come to a reasonable conclusion...but more like..."what's the correct dosage for this med"?

    Um...hmmmmm...eeny meeny miney mo?

    I am a pretty smart girl...really...but I am starting to feel a little on the stupid side. I have read and read and read and read...and think I know more now than when I graduated nursing school! I have gotten great grades on all my practice tests in my Saunders books. Then, I take this computer exam...and blam...all meds I scarcely had a clue about.

    I guess, at this point in the game, there is nothing else to do but put it in Gods hands and hope for the best.

    Im going back to bed!

    (Um, right after I read another chapter) :roll
  9. by   youknowho
    I felt the same way the weekend before my test. My brain was just full.