how should I study for this?

  1. I signed up and took the Kaplan live review which l personally feel was a waste of money even though they discounted our school to steal us from ATI. I have been doing questions and if I don't understand it I look up the info... is this an adequate way to study for nclex... or should l try reviewing the content and then do questions??? Any input into how you did it would be greatly appreciated

    ~Thank You
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you find you are not understanding the questions, then you do need to go back and study the content first. Look at it this way, you can take the time to do this necessary review now or you can fail the test and waste valuable time in the future doing the same thing. Good luck.
  4. by   DelanaRN
    I just did question after question. I read the rationale for all the questions, whether I got it right or wrong. I attended Kaplan live which was eh, alright I guess. Going through practice questions is most helpful for me. If I read a rationale and didn't grasp it then I looked it up. Otherwise, the rationale was more than enough for me. Good luck!
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    What dconnors said. For weeks. I would take a day or two off once a week and found that my scores jumped after a bit off.

    I did read some content on stuff that I just never "got" and it helped.
  6. by   fabiusgile
    I've just been doing quesions and if there's something l don't undersand google it.. I am just curious if that will be adequate.. I would hate to do it twice.
  7. by   soon2bRN516
    HAHA, do you go to the same school as I do? Seriously!!!! Our school switched over from ATI to Kaplan during my first year in Nursing. We did not have a good experience with our testing center, but I do find the Kaplan site very helpful now...since we have access to the content reviews, question trainers and qbanks. I have been studying by also taking question after question. Then I do a question trainer, and review all areas I have difficulty in. I read the rationales for everything...So far since the completion of our Kaplan review I have done ever test that was available over the past 2 years, then I make a random fact sheet about the topics I missed...Plus I went in order from fundamentals to peds, since that is the order I had the classes. I found that this has helped me tremendously, and my question trainer went up 10 points since the last one I had done before taking and reviewing all of my past test...I don't know, I hope it works, I take my boards on 7-7 so we will see. I have a review this week at the hospital I will be working at and it is held by the people that wrote the Incrediably easy books..Can't wait to see what they add to my study regime...
  8. by   fabiusgile
    Ya l wish you luck I'm in massachusetts and am still waiting for my Ok to signup for a test date. We had ATI for the 2 years and then when we were doing the live review at the end we had 3 different companies to try to buy our business and kaplan had the best deal. Complete waste of money. I been trying to do questions and review that way I hope its adequate l was just wondering how you guys do it... I know its impossible to review all the content.