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I took my boards on Thursday Jan. 20th and I was so nervous. I know they told us the questions could range from 85 to 205 questions. I had to take the whole 205. Is this good or bad? I am so... Read More

  1. by   jean333
    I had 85 questions and passed. My sister had 205 and passed. I kept getting the same types of questions over and over. I had a lot of pharm and "check all that apply". I also had a lot on heart disease. Hang in there
  2. by   Ash52485
    I took the NCLEX PN yesterday, and I got the whole 205 questions. I felt like I didn't know anything. All my math was pediatric math, which I hate, and I had tons of pharm. I honestly feel like I guessed on every question!! I'm driving myself crazy checking the site every few minutes!! Pray for me please...I need it!
  3. by   hope2007
    I'm praying for you. I took mine this morning. It shut off between 87-90 questions. Like you, I felt like I was guessing. I only know of one that I did get right. It seems like I had alot of pharm, math, and quite a few of the "select all that apply". I don't think the number of questions really determine pass or fail. I know of a few students I attended school with that got all 205 questions and passed, they were certain they failed. Both said they had no idea what the questions were asking. Good luck, I will be praying for you! I keep check our site in my state also. I said they are going to ban my ip address for continuously going onto their site. I know it is too soon to be posted, but I just can not help it. LOL.
  4. by   Ash52485
    lol thats what I was saying too...I seriously check it like every 5 minutes! Thanks for the encouragement! Its good to know of other people who passed with 205. I'm sure you passed, and I'll keep praying for both of us!! I swear the wait is the WORST part of the whole thing. I think its about time to crack open a bottle of wine and relax!!!
  5. by   hope2007
    Good idea. I suggested they hand out injections of ativan before and after the exam. LOL. I prefer to be put into a medically induced coma and wake me up when the results are in. LOL. This is just an overwhelming experience. I've read others' experiences, and here I am going through the same emotions.
  6. by   Ash52485
    Thanks for the prayers....I checked my score in the middle of the night and I PASSED!! I had 205 questions, and was for sure that I failed, but thank GOD that I didn't!!!
  7. by   hope2007
    CONGRATS, I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!! I also passed. Thank goodness we did not have to wait that long, but it seemed like an eternity since taking it yesterday.
  8. by   TC11FL
    I WENT ALLLLLLLL THE WAY. I passed YEAH!!!! Its not a bad thing
  9. by   labvampire
    You guys also have to remember that 20 of those questions are just throw in questions for future exams. I had 3 med calculations, 20 drug questions of which I have never heard of, and the rest was just the A,B,C's and med surg. I believe the drug questions were my throw in's. My school had a high pass rate and I was well prepared. I also purchased the Lippincott LPN N-CLEX review which was very difficult. The first 10 pages about the test questions helped tremendously!! My school's tests were in N-Clex form, so I was pretty used to the question form. I passed with 85 questions. It doesn't matter, my friend had the full test and passed. You never can tell. Hang in there!!!
  10. by   bebopsbabygirl
    Quote from shunda
    I took my boards on Thursday Jan. 20th and I was so nervous. I know they told us the questions could range from 85 to 205 questions. I had to take the whole 205. Is this good or bad? I am so nervous. By me being in Alabama we do not have quick results so I am so scared. What does it mean by the number of questions that you have. Is it the more you have the more they want you to redeem your self or what? I have a friend that is a RN and she said the first time she failed it with 85 and when she took it again she passed with all 265 questions. How do you know? Just needed some input while I wait.
    Shunda I would love to know how boards went.. I did the same thind as your firend i failed boards with a cut off at 85 but i retook boards yesterday amd i had to answer teh whole 205---waiting anxiously
  11. by   KatieMo
    I took my NCLEX PN today too! Hard, hard, hard test. Drugs I NEVER heard of before. It shut off at like 75-85 questions? What do you think? I live in Alabama and cannot get quick results.
  12. by   caliotter3
    Good luck Katie.
  13. by   jcollins190
    goodluck to those who are waiting to for results as i am one of them.. i had the whole 205 ? test and am so anxiously waiting for the results...stalking the website...heart palpitations out of this world. i also had a lot of pharm ?'s that i have never heard of as well..but it seems as if my questions kept getting harder and harder with every now and then a few easy ones. and sum seemed like repeat ?'s pray i pass and good luck again and congrat to those who have passed already