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Hi, everyone, I am new here Just took my RN exam yesterday, and... feel so bad. Cannot help it to think I failed it... :crying2: This is my second time to take it. The last time I took it was... Read More

  1. by   trekjudy
    Took the NCLEX exam today and stopped at 75 questions. Now the wait. I see many people have passed with 75 questions on this thread. Anyone out there know of many that have failed with 75questions.
    I got 5 or 6 select alls and several how would you see first and around 6 meds. I feel pretty good about the test but then again I am not sure as I wait for the results.
    I am just relieved it is over.
  2. by   thebirdgirl
    I took the NCLEX today and the computer shut off after 75 questions- I feel like I did AWFUL because I had over 20 questions that were "select all that apply"!!!!!! I started counting at question 22 and I don't remember for sure how many I had before that. I never do good on these and wasn't prepared to have that many!!!! :uhoh21: Also, lots of pharmacology and prioritizing questions, but NO med calcs and only one each of pedi and maternity, which I feel like I am good at. I aced the HESI test at the end of nursing school and I felt very confident going in, but as the test went on I felt worse and worse.
    So now I am waiting.......
  3. by   velvet126
    i took the exam 3 times. The first two I had 265. The third time I had 75 and passed.

    i see that you're from Cali and i know what it feels like to be in your position of waiting. My suggestion is to do something fun and nice for yourself to keep your mind off of it. I'm sure you did just fine. Good luck!
  4. by   MULEKATE
    Mino, try to relax . I remember the feeling well. Do something nice for yourself. After I took mine I was sure I had failed also (everyone I talk to always thinks they fail). I spent all day in bed and read a NON NURSING BOOK it was great.Wish I hand a magic wand to take away your worries....but I don't so just hang in there you have worked very hard to get where you are. Let us know.
  5. by   sdop_agent10
    Re: How many of u have 75....
    I passed it after 75 question in an hour and 10mins. You can do it too. kep praying.BTW, where are you from? :caduceus:
  6. by   Zebadiah
    Hi everyone! I just took my boards today, and *I* got 75 questions too. I just threw up again, having said that, just now. JK!! I have heard ALL of the people tell me how rare it is to have gotten 75 and fail, but that it can happen. Of COURSE, I know I am one of those. LOL Does everyone have the ability to go to their state's licensing division website and find out their results in 24-48 hours? I got hired in our local NICU right after graduation, having been V E R Y lucky (and with some crit-care EMS exp. which helped), and I just hope that if I didn't pass they'll let me keep the job until I do pass...
  7. by   trekjudy
    I know how you feel. I too took my exam today and shut off at 75. I too heard the majority of people pass with 75, but of course they say it has nothing to do with your number of questions. I am just praying I passed . Let us know how you did and so will I.
  8. by   Cherybaby
    Judy....its 3:00 am. I just got your email. Was too tired to even read anything tonight, but wanted to post what my test was like. I got stuck in traffic too! Truck overturned on the highway! Can you imagine? I felt like it was an omen to GO HOME!!! *L* I think you took the RN exam. I took the PN exam today, so I had a min of 85 q's when mine shut off. I start the RN bridge this year *august* so I am psyched...but in a year from now, I will be doing this again! *vomits* *L*

    I know we both passed. I just believe it in my heart.

    But I'm gonna pray anyway! :roll just in case.
  9. by   EricJRN
    Quote from trekjudy
    I too heard the majority of people pass with 75, but of course they say it has nothing to do with your number of questions.
    They're right. The majority of people pass, period - especially if we're talking about US-educated first-time testers.
  10. by   trekjudy
    I thought your were taking the NCLEX RN, that explains why your min. was 85 questions. I am sure you passed and I will pray we both pass. Good luck next year when you take your RN exam. You will know what to expect......Keep me posted....How long do you have to wait for results? In Michigan we have quick results and can check within 48 hrs.

  11. by   mazeRN
    Quote from spirit11
    Hi everyone!

    I just got home....Today was NCLEX day. I was so anxious! My test stopped at 75 however I think I failed because my questions were not that hard. I just was not sure of the answers. I got a lot of check all that apply. The topics were easy but I was not sure If one or two items applied!!! I had a million med questions!!!!!!!! WELL It sure felt like I did. Meds that I NEVER Studied in school!!!!!I started with a math Question that I am sure I got wrong!!!!

    I guess I will just wait now.....

    Good luck to all!

    Hi spirit11,
    I took NCLEX ystrday and I think i have the same feeling as yours. Let me know whatever the results... Good luck to both of us, and all those awaiting results!!!

  12. by   bluegoldfish0707
    yes i need a million of these! i am so not patiently awaiting my nclex-pn results. hum! i got 86 q's... have not one clue what that means!

    i guess i will let y'all know tomorrow.

    pray for me please!


  13. by   chuckc
    I took the NCLEX RN today, shut off at 75. I have never been so miserable. I had an anxiety attack during, had to go out in waiting room and regroup, went in and finished. i had the hardest calc question, I think thats when I got rattled. Seemed like lots of priority,a couple of all that apply. Of course I came home and looked up what I remembered, some right and some were wrong. Waiting is torture. I cant tell if I feel bad about it because my anxiety level was so high, or I didn't do that well. I did extremely well on ATI and Kaplan, go figure. The questions seemed pretty difficult, and you really had to think to extract the right answer. Thank goodness I have this forum to obsess about it