how many NCLEX practice questions a day

  1. If you have a few weeks to a month before taking the NCLEX, how many questions per day do you think on average someone should do?

  2. Poll: How many practice questions should a nurse graduate do each day to prepare for the NCLEX?

    • 75

      9.09% 1
    • 100

      27.27% 3
    • 150

      0% 0
    • 200

      9.09% 1
    • as many as you can force yourself to do

      54.55% 6
    11 Votes
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  4. by   ammcfarling
    I did 75 twice a day, separate sittings. I took the NCLEX today and got 75 questions, 22 SATA. Wont know if I passed till wednesday
  5. by   NICU Guy
    We did 200-300 per day during our last semester of school. After graduation, I did 50-100 per day for 5 weeks until NCLEX. Passed at 75 questions in an hour.
  6. by   direw0lf
    Oh boy I better step it up. I've been doing 75 Uworld questions a day only. I don't know when my NCLEX date is, still waiting on the ATT to schedule..

    Ammcfarling, best wishes for passing!!!
  7. by   Wlaurie
    Can't even tell you how many a day I did. I looked at it in hours not questions. I didn't pay for any additional study programs. Went to the library and ordered all the nclex study books I could, found all the free thanks online I could and had a study buddy session with a friend once a week. The secret is that you do so many you start to think like the nclex thinks. I passed with 75 questions. At first I was elated and then over the next couple days before I got results started looking up some of the questions I got wrong (my advice don't do that) and then was sure I failed but I didnt.
  8. by   julsca
    Do you do the questions in tutor or test mode?
  9. by   prensuz
    After graduation of a LVN program how long does it take before I can take my NCLEX in Southern California?
    After I pass the NCLEX (hopefully) how long before I will be able to start working?
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  10. by   Quota
    My class all got 90 day subscriptions for Uworld through school (rolled into our tuition I'm sure but group purchase discount). I activated when my preceptorship ended in late June. I would say I averaged 40-60 questions a day while preparing for our HESI exit exam during our final clinical rotation (community health) and online class. Did well on the HESI exit exam (late July) and we had a three day in person Hurst review about a week later, again signed up by our school.

    I basically took the month of August off to relax and wait for my ATT which came August 27th, signed up to take my NCLEX September 18th giving me 3 weeks to finish my Uworld test bank (about 1000 left) and use both my assessment tests. I'd average 60-80 questions a day, taking a day off sometimes. Finished my qbank with an overall average of 65%, got a 64% on my first assessment and 65% on my second assessment. Passed my NCLEX in 80 questions, with 26 SATA. Never touched the Hurst review book after the class or messed with the online content. If you really read and understand the rationales as you go through Uworld you should be fine IMO.