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I took the NCLEX yesterday morning and I was done in an hour and only got 75 questions. When it shut off, my heart sank and I felt sick. I had no dosage cal. questions(which I'm good at), lots of... Read More

  1. by   NessaNurseIHope
    Hi I am new to the board but I had to come and read what people have to say about this terrible test...

    I also finished in just over an hour at 75 questions and am FREAKING out...Luckily I am in MA so we have quick results but I am So scared because I can't even remember half the test but I know I had alot of priority/select all that apply questions/pharm but not any meds or alternate q's like pictures or hot spots.

    YIKES :uhoh21:
  2. by   weesy67
    I never thought I could be more stressed than I was throughout school until June 5th. One of my friends is taking it next week and is quite a nervous wreck. I told her to read everyone's posts they really do make you realize you are not alone.

    I will be anxious to hear everyone's passing results!
  3. by   brissie
    So, despite being absolutely certain I failed when the computer shut off at 75, I passed.
  4. by   weesy67
    Congratulations! So does anyone know a person that walked out of there feeling like they absolutely nailed it?
  5. by   quincy24
    i took it yesterday and it shut off at 75. Two years of nursing school, one kaplan course and 3 weeks of intense studying ended in 60 mins and 75 questions. i actually didnt think it was that bad but whose knows. i find out tomorrow if i passed. It would be really embarassing to fail at 75.
  6. by   amethystwings333
  7. by   TexasTac
    I PASSED!! I only had 75 questions too! Just found out! whoo! hoo!

    Goodluck to everyone yet to take it!
  8. by   1studentnurse
    Quote from 1studentnurse

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was cooking. Cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow. :wink2:

    I can't find out until Tuesday whether I passed or not. Makes me wish I took it on a Monday!
    I got 75 questions, too. Boy, was I nauseated when I walked out!

    Didn't have to wait two business days for results, though...they update apparently 24/7 if your BON allows it and two days really is two days!

    Got my pass unofficial results today at 0923 via quick results. If I just could have waited until 1330 today, I would have seen the official pass letter in the mail that just came for FREE. (Thank you MO BON!)

    I can't wait to start working Monday! Hooray!
  9. by   jenjen76
    I took the NCLEX yesterday 6-15-07, and I only had 75 questions. I felt as if I did not know anything. I had mostly prioritizing questions, a few pharm questions and teaching questions. I am so nervous to find out my results. I feel as if I failed it terribly.
  10. by   weesy67
    Congrats studentnurse!!! Hang in there jenjen, keep thinking good vibes and keep us posted!
  11. by   Lindej2
    I am one of the many with 75 questions and when I left I cried all the way home because I am pretty sure I failed. A few of the questions seemed too easy, I had three 'check all that apply' which I suck at, seven or eight on drugs with at least half I have never heard of, no calculations, and many priority questions. I am trying to keep busy and all of the postings I have read her have definitely helped, but we'll see on Tuesday....
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  12. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Gosh I am sooo nervous, but I feel better reading this thread. I am taking NCLEX tommorow (june 18th), I just want it over with. Congrats to all who passed!

  13. by   weesy67
    Good Luck!