help please... nclex-rn failed the second time :-(...

  1. hello! i am new to this site. i would like to share that after all the days tha i have been studying still i failed the second time. i am here in michigan. i am so sad right now, because i was so confident on the second time. still i fell short on it. i saw this site and the forums and sharing this to you nurses would ease my pain....
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  3. by   whirlwind
    thats usually the feeling when one did not get what she expects to get... just cry it out... then after several days, thou you're still down, you'll start to pick up the pieces again.
    reapply, review and retake... dont give up!!
    pray always and believe in yourself.. theres always a chance..
    thats what i'm doing after i found out i f my first nclex-rn.
    as what my hubby is always telling " thats just pretest.."
  4. by   RNismycalling
    Give yourself some time to grief. You will know when time is right to pick up, dust yourself and try again. Reevaluate your study plan this time, change things, try something new. Many on this site say Suzanne's plan is good. Her info is at the top of the nclex forum. I used Kaplan and I found it helpful. Kaplan also has a $35 strategy book that you might find helpful. You may find this book at any bookstore. Good luck and believe in YOUR ability to succeed.
  5. by   kenjisean
    thank you very much to all your suggestions n comments, it is very valuable to me at this point. i notice that most of the members here are advising suzannes plan. i will pm her for the info. about this.. thank you very much... you knoww its such a great relief when someone is at helps you... thanks again...
  6. by   MRSLEAN709
    Hello you sound just like me,I failed twice now as well,I have been studying too.I took it the first time in mIchigan,second Ohio.I will retake it again around march if im ready.Was going to try suzzanes plan or the ncsbn review 15weeks,let me know what you are doing,, good luck
  7. by   labrador4122
    Oh no!
    I studied for 3 months for my test, and it was well worth the effort. I studied day and night, night and day... everything that I could get my hands on. I did everything kaplan, plus listen to the helen feuer cds.

    hang in there, study like an animal and you will pass the test.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Just to point out this thread is nearly 12 months old
  9. by   ronarnsomeday
    hi i failed nclex too for the second im preparing again to take this march or may...hope well both pass soon