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UWorld to pass NCLEX....is anyone familiar with this as a study guide? (videos and links added by staff) UWorld NCLEX-RN Qbank Impressions https://youtu.be/lVYR_1InBxQ A Word From UWorld... Read More

  1. by   jwynnb
    Quote from uberkat
    Just to update! Took my nclex on Saturday and just now got the quick result , I passed!!!!! The only thing I used was UWorld, I did around 1700 questions and had an ending avrg of 57%. I passed in 80 questions! Good luck to everyone about to take it!!
    Looks like I'm doing similar to you in UWorld...I'm weakest in pharm and critical care. Any last minute tips?
  2. by   hhlg13
    I tested last month and UWorld was the only thing that I used to prepare. I did 1700 of the 1900 question test bank and carefully read all the rationales.

    Took my nclex, spent about 45 min at the testing center and walked out of there knowing that I passed!

    Sure enough...I did!

    Uworld is amazing. The rationales are fantastic, the webpage looks exactly like the nclex, and it truly prepares you with everything you need to know. There is a reason why med students use this company and have such a high pass rate. And finally it's available now for nursing!!! I owe my license to this program. It was extremely successful for me and I know it will be successful for everyone else!

    If you pay for one program...make it UWorld!!!
  3. by   Detroit_OR_RN
    I used Uworld to prepare for the NCLEX and thought it was extremely helpful. It's designed to look like the NCLEX, so when you go to take the NCLEX, it will seem familiar (potentially reducing stress). The rationales Uworld provided were great. What I really liked was that they not only gave you the rationales for the correct answers, but they also explained why the incorrect answers were not right. I felt this really helped reinforce the material. You can also flag questions, so, for example, you can go back to only the questions you got wrong and review those again. And you can test yourself in certain areas all at once (so you can prioritize weak areas), or set it up to ask questions randomly, more like the NCLEX does. I signed up for one month and completed most of the questions, but not all of them.

    I also utilized the medsurg review course provided by nrsng.com. I felt this was a great refresher, and I feel it really highlighted what's important to know about each body system and what nursing interventions are most important for each. It was free when I took it, but I just checked and it's now $24.97. Still, for that price, I think it's more than worth it. I actually wish I had known about it while I was in nursing school. I think it would have been helpful for clinicals and exams.

    I also took the nrsng.com MedMaster course. Pharmacology was not my strong point in nursing school, and I found the MedMaster course really cut to the chase about what we need to know about meds for the NCLEX (and beyond). I paid for that course, but I had signed up for the website's e-mail list and received a discount coupon for it. At the very least, check out the nrsng.com website...lots of free resources even if you don't want to sign up for a course.

    I took the NCLEX in October 2015. I prepared for one month before taking it. I passed in 75 questions on the first attempt.
    However you decide to study, my advice is to narrow down your options and just focus on one or two good resources so you don't become overwhelmed. Good luck! You can do this!
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  4. by   b.moore
    I definitely recommend U World! I used only U World and I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions two days ago. The rationales are excellent and the format is similar to the NCLEX and the questions help you to critically think out questions, which is needed for the NCLEX.
  5. by   kendallmickelson
    I may be late, but UWorld is amazing. I did the accelerated BSN program (which was an 11 month program (following my bachelors in biology)). But I purchased the one month membership after graduation, went through every question once, and passed in 75. I didn't use any other resources to study for the NCLEX.

    Although it was required for us to pass the exit HESI with a 925 in order to graduate, I feel that the questions on HESI and NCLEX are a COMPLETELY different style. Practice with UWorld. It is the CLOSEST to identical to the NCLEX that you can get.
  6. by   crt74671
    Uworld works!!! I just found out today that I passed NCLEX!! I failed with 75 questions with my first attempt at NCLEX. I only used uworld to prepare for my second attempt, which I passed with 90-100 questions!! Uworld improves your ability to prioritize patients, and also get good at SATA questions. My scores on uworld gradually went up, originally I made 30s-40s when I started and had improved to 60s-75s. Don't get wrapped up in the score, remind yourself that you are learning. Good Luck!!
  7. by   olamuri
    U world is a great resource
  8. by   ivybautRN
    Here's my UWorld success story! (passed the NCLEX first attempt)

    After completing Hurst review and discontinuing my Kaplan review (was highly disappointed with Kaplan's remediation system), I decided to purchase UWorld less than a month away from my test date. Yes, it was a little risky buying the 1-month review to use for only 3 weeks, but I was scared and desperate for something to actually work for me. Hurst had helped tremendously with content, but I needed better test-taking skills.
    Purchasing UWorld was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I loved how detailed their explanations were (see for yourself! Go on their website and try free sample questions). I made it a habit to answer and remediate questions every day, trying to understand concepts and jotting down notes I knew I had to remember on later (such as labs, medications, etc). Granted, I only got through about half of the qbank questions only. I was nervous days before my test date, but I knew being nervous/anxious was not going to help. I almost rescheduled until I thought: I can do this. I tried to remember every single NCLEX testing strategy I was ever taught.... test day comes, and the test shut down on me at 75.
    I freaked the hell out of course, thinking I had failed and cried that entire day... only to find that the PVT truly did work for me and soon received my license from my state board!!!!

    Highly recommend using UWorld and please DON'T GIVE UP! Also, don't do what I did and seriously finish those qbank questions! Stick to one (or two AT MOST) NCLEX reviews or it will rattle your brain. And most importantly, believe in yourself! <3
  9. by   CAnewgrad2016
    I could have never passed NCLEX first try with 75 questions without Uworld. I started out around 44%, ended up with mid 50-low60. The rationales are very important to read!Kaplan readiness test 63%. I was scoring around mid 50s to 65% highest on Kaplan qbank as well. Uworld helped me out more than anything else
  10. by   rkaur3719
    I passed my NCLEX in September, 2016. My school required us to take Kaplan and used to test us from there (which did helped). I did my content from Saunders and the questions from UWORLD. I would say that it doesnt matter how much content you know or not. To pass the NCLEX you need to practice, practice and practice as many questions as you can. UWORLD also made me comfortable with the SATA's. Ohh, and I forgot to tell you, that I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on my first try. It was all possible due to UWORLD!!!!
  11. by   kriten
    I passed using both "NCLEX Cracker" and "UWorld"
  12. by   Danielle11587
    I was out of school for 8 years. Had failed the nclex twice But had the drive to go about and register to take it again- it only had been 6 years since taking my last nclex. ������ I did Saunders comphrensive review at first and then did the 1200 nclex questions in Uworld. If it wasn't for Uworld I wouldn't have passed. I had a ton of sata questions. Thank God for Uworld. Anybody that is having a hard time passing please try Uworld. You won't regret it. Computer shut off at 90 questions & I did the Pearson vue trick- got the 'good' pop up. 48 hours later had learned I passed my nclex! Don't give up!!!!
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  13. by   nuggs
    Uworld is great! I did about 1700 questions and did the assessment test both scoring in the 90th percentile. Completed my NCLEX with 75 questions! read the rationales !!