God Really Provides!!!

  1. hi guys...im a FILIPINO nurse. i did post a thread here last september.. i tuk NCLEX- RN( CALIFORNIA STATE) last sept 5 in the Philippines.. got 75 questions... 1 select all that apply, no med calculation, no i and o convertion..all priorities!!! i waited my result for..1 month.. exactly ONE WHOLE MONTH..for the results to come.. but you know wat guys? i really believe in prayers.. guess wut'... I PASS!!:biere::biere::biere:

    right now.. all i wanna do is celebrate, thank the lord for answering my prayers.. :spin: also i would like to thank this site for letting me ventilate my emotions while i was still reviewing until i waited my results..
    last but not the least.. i wanna say to those who will b taking the nclex-rn or pn.. (first timer or even re taker) HAVE FAITH... STUDY HARDER.. THANK THE LORD EACH DAY!!!:angel2: my prayers will always be with you guys!!! i think this is my BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!! :Santa3: if u nid some questions..just add here ok? til then!!!
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    Congrats, Droopy, RN! It's time to celebrate...:hatparty::biere:beer:
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    Hi..congratulations...Can you please pray for me on october 26,2007 at 9 am...I will be taking my nclex exam and im really nervous....I know prayers really works and I truly believe God loves us all...I just hope I will be US RN like you in the future..again congrats...god bless
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    my thoughts and prayers goes out to you on your big day!!
    god answers prayers all the time.
    good luck!
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    heheheeh... im a cebuano and i can surely understand what ur trying to say..hehehe. im just so thankful that HE really answered my prayer...
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    sure... my prayers will be with you...
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    Congrats droopy... I hope i'll pass this exam in my second atempt.. oh well let's celebrate your day!!
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    congratulations! i'm from the Philippines too. but unfortunately didn't make it the first time. so i'm trying my luck again! congratz to you again!
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    congrats to you droopy! and good luck to you passionatern2b. :spin: