Give all Honor, Glory and Praise to my Lord, God and Savior Christ Jesus!!!!

  1. I passed!!!!!!!....thank you Heavenly Father....I would like to thank the entire forums, staff and members....special thanks to the NCLEX forum...the love and support that illuminates from this site was enough to give me the faith and confidence in myself to is my hope that I am able to extend the same to someone out there who may be feeling like there is no and believe....God wants us to succeed...and if He will bring you to it (graduating nursing school)....He will bring you through it (passing your NCLEX)....after failing twice it was very difficult to believe in myself...the love and support of my family got me back in the testing I have not one I am now officially an RN!!!!!

    ...for those that may be wondering....what worked for me...all day everyday all I did was NCLEX style questions....someone on here suggested RN 3500....I would suggest the same....I studied in the Review mode that way if there was information that I was fuzzy on I could go back and review....hope this helps....God Bless everyone of you....
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    and God Bless You!
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    Congrats!!!!! I love reading stories like this. It just brightens my day and cheers me up!!!!!!
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    Good Luck in your nursing career
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    I am so happy for you. I took mine 7 years ago and when the computer shut off at 82 questions, I was shocked. I was disappointed that it didn't shut off at 75 questions(the minimum to pass), but I knew that I had missed a few.
    Yes, God does answer prayer. And I am glad that He gave you the victory so that HE may receive the glory. Do your job to the best of your ability and remember that GOD loves you.
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    Thank you for posting how you studied and Congrats!! With much studying and prayer I plan to pass too! GL!
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    Congrats! I hope you have a wonderful nursing career!