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Well, I take my test finally, and I feel so overwhelmed--period. My life like many others here is an emotional rollarcoaster with this test. I just want everyone and anyone who reads this to know... Read More

  1. by   BabyRN2Be
    I know you've completed the test by now, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm sending positive thoughts your way. Never give up, keep being the eternal optimist as attitude is sometimes everything.

    I wish you very well and hope you get good news soon.
  2. by   chelli73
    I am freaking out right now!!!!! First of all, I have a lump in my throat (tear) at the loving positive responses I have read here....GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! I took nclex at a little after 2pm, I was early, and the nice people there in Schaumburg sent me right in. I was losing touch with reality for a minute there--that is how surreal the whole situation was to me. But I came back, focused on each question, played it like "Who wants to be a Millionare?"--IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER???!!! After 60 questions, I raised my hand to break to the john, came back five mins later, sat down and kept going. Well the computer shut off at 75......FREAKING OUT!! So we shall see how it turns out, that is either really good news or really bad news, right??!! I think that out of 75 I got about 20-25 correct--but I feel good anyway. Had 5 or so check all that apply, NO math, NO "hot spots", and absolutely NO "fill in the blanks"!!! What is that all about?
    Well, I am going to a nice bar right now with my dear cousin who gave me the long ride to Schaumburg, God Bless him, he was so good throughout this crazy day! Drinks are on me tonight! I will be back later to see how well I can type while intoxicated!!!!!!!! LOVE YA ALL, :kiss :kiss :angel2: :angel2: :beercuphe
    PS- We are walking to the bar--NO driving!!!!! bye 4 now!
  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Heheheh good luck with your results!!!! Hehe and also have fun at the bars.
  4. by   AuntieRN
    Good luck chelli73...make sure you keep us posted.
  5. by   chelli73
    Waiting, waiting, waiting...Is it wrong to stay drunk unitl I get my results? Has anyone ever done this? I am very bubbly right now, and I have a man waiting in my cama for me yet I cannot pull myself from this screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ***??!! I will post here when I pass (as long as I don't pass out first).
  6. by   chelli73
    fingerprint/background check--$60.00...
    CTS test fee--$79.00...
    PearsonVue ATT--$200.00
    PearsonVue "unofficial" quick results--$7.95...
    "PASS" on screen--PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did it! Thank you to all!!! And I am sober now, LOL!!! LOVE YA!!!!
    Michelle RN (nice ring to it, huh)
  7. by   dijaqrn
    I am soooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck with the new job Michele RN :Melody: :Melody: :Melody:
  8. by   nrl4d2
    Hey Congratulation.... You did it!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   hlfpnt
    Congratulations!!! :smiley_aa
  10. by   chelli73
    Thank you hlfpnt! Thanks to all, I feel so relieved for now...until the new job on the 30th of this month begins!!!!! Life for a nurse is ANYTHING but DULL--agree??!!:flowersfo :angel2:
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  13. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations new nurse!! And good luck on the new job!!