Finally Passed - 3rd Try, (Tips included)

  1. i just want to thank everyone for all the support and help i've received since becoming a part of this forum. for those of you who are multiple test takers or first time takers, please do not give up. you can pass this test!

    i would recommend hurst review to everyone. it is awesome and if you study like marlene says to & know the content; there is no way anyone can fail this test. in addition to hurst, i did the first tip of suzanne's plan; i also answered questions from the saunder's cd - only the content area (100 questions from each section). i only had 76 questions. but the most important thing i did was continue to pray and have faith that i would pass this test. two days later, checked quick results only to find out that i passed!!! :spin:

    the night before the test, i would also suggest not studying. you should use this day to relax. if you are the type of person that must study, then don't try to study anything heavy; maybe look over lab values or something.

    first time: 211 questions - kaplan
    second time: 110 questions - kaplan, plus ncsbn on-line
    third and final time: 76 questions - hurst review, saunders

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    hip hip horayyyyyyy!!!!!

    now go out there and show them just how good you really are!!!
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    congratulation...and thanks for the tips...good luck to you and your career.
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    congrats! god bless!!!
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    Congrats To You!!!

    God Does Answers Prayers All The Time!
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    congrats!! what a relief!! ah? go and celebrate!!
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