Finally defeated the "NCLEX beast"

  1. I took my first test on 6/27/13 and it was the most horrible day of my life. When I took the NCLEX for the first time I was nervous, anxious, and my heart felt like it was going SVT the entire time. I got to 235 questions in 6 hours and that time flew by really fast. It was very disheartening when I did the pearson vue trick and it gave me the bad pop up.

    Prior to taking the first test I did Hurst review, Kaplan trainer questions, Saunders, Lippincott, and ATI apps. I was making around 80% and above on my questions. I was very confident that I was going to be able to pass the NCLEX for the first time, but sadly that was not the case. Therefore, after I found out that I failed I did not open the book or read for an entire month because I knew that I wasn't going to be able to learn anything anyway.

    On August, I started reading again; however, I changed a few of the books the I used. I purchased Lacharrity (a must have) and supplemented it with Hurst. I read the Hurst book over and over and over and over again for about 2 weeks until I started speaking the same way as the Hurst lady. After that I started reading Lacharrity, the scores that I made on each chapter did not go above 50% and I did not allow that to phase me. I told myself that predictor scores are not always reliable because NCLEX is a mind game.

    On September 4, 2013, I took my test and I was there for about 35 minutes and 75 questions later it shut down on me. Now, here is the funny part when I was taking the test I was hearing the Hurst lady on my head which was funny. I wasn't as anxious or as nervous like I was the first time. Came home and did the pearson vue trick and the "good pop up" came up. I was still not convinced because it order for it to be real I have to see it for myself. Therefore, I waited and waited then booom! my license is posted! YEY!

    My tip:
    1. There is no such thing as over studying
    2. You will not know everything, but NCLEX is doable
    3. Read one book at a time and fully understand the underlying patho, major s/s, and priority assessment
    4. Know your patho because this is that I think helped me the most
    5. Do not base your "predictor" score on how you will do in the NCLEX
    6. You have to have faith in yourself or whoever you believe in because you will need it
    7. Lacharity, Kaplan book, and Hurst are really good in combination
    8. Relax yourself when you are tired and do not push yourself the point where you are just reading words because you are wasting your
    9. There is no such thing as "I am bad test taker" (I used to use this excuse until I found out the hard way that "I just suck at studying")
    10. If you don't get it research it.
    11. You must know your content in order to know how to take a test. Kaplan is awesome, but if you don't know your content then taking a testing strategy course is just a waste of time.
    12. Always phase yourself and be confident.
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    Congrats. 35 minutes for 75 questions. I bet you thought you were doing one of the Hurst practice exams :P
  6. by   shinarwin22
    congratulations!!!....thanks for your tips
  7. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Glad to hear this. I retake mine in 3 weeks. Those are all good tips. My problem is I can narrow down the 2 "right" ones......and always pick the wrong one.
  8. by   LaTonyaThomas
    Congrats on your huge accomplishment!!
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    Congratulations! Thank you for your advice, it will be helpful!!
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    Congratz! I too have been using the Hurst Review, Kaplan review, and multiple ATI books along with Mosbys. My test is in 4 days. It is so good to hear that you did it in 75 this time! Your tips help more than you can know.
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    I thought I was going crazy because when I was taking the test I can hear that Hurst lady telling me "You are killer nurse if you pick that answer" LOL
  13. by   Nimble
    Thank you! I'm very happy at the moment. Now I just gotta find a job.
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    I know this is really late after your accomplishment but it's really encouraging to a student like me. I've just started my pre reqs after taking a few dev classes. I made notes for the future from your post to help me when it's time for me to defeat the beast as well. I hope you've found an awesome job!!