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  1. ChrisRicci

    Got an A in microbiology!!!

    Congrats! I don't think a&p was as hard as micro. The exam is more physiology than structure so focus on that!
  2. ChrisRicci

    should i get a chromebook or a tablet

    Kindle works too.
  3. ChrisRicci

    DONE! (With exams at least....)

    Study Guides
  4. ChrisRicci


  5. ChrisRicci

    SG101 Question

    the study guides have a how to page that tells you exactly what pages are the study guide part. everyone that i used was less than 200 page, most under 100. the how to page is like page 2 or 3. the rest is for extra if you have trouble with a certain section you can use that to do more in depth studying. you should email them if you have questions, they are really good about answering questions.
  6. ChrisRicci

    Excelsior Foundations in Nursing Practice 2014

    It's all health promotion and prevention one area leads right into the next and they overlap. Health promotion, Pain, chronic illness, death - it's heavier on pain and sensory so know those areas.
  7. ChrisRicci

    For the content guides, how deep into each item should I go?

    Better too much than not enough I say. Why do you think it's too much information? It's not as many pages as the textbook and all the sg101 I've used have like 50 times the number of practice questions. They say practice questions help you learn. Thats why the they tell you to do hundreds every day when studying for the nclex. And it is actually a 2 class course, anp1 and 2 at college level. There's going to be alot of information. You can do it though just go through one section at a time and before you know it you'll be at the last section.
  8. ChrisRicci

    My conclusion is Excelsior...

    I've seen a couple posts where people have completed the nursing courses in 4 months (that's A LOT of WORK!!) then you'll have 2 months for fcca and you could do life span dev or english at the same time, then 4 months for CPNE - all in all if you work your butt off you could probably do the program in less than a year.
  9. ChrisRicci

    Excelsior Health Safety Exam

    i think it all depends on your study habits, level of comprehension, and experience. Most people, i think, would say that health safety was one of the easier ones, as well as health differences (both fundamentals review from PN) and reproductive health. Some people really have a hard time with LS1, but it seems if you were in EMS or a paramedic you will breeze through that one because its cardiac and respiratory. Everyone is different.
  10. ChrisRicci

    Excelsior Credit By Exam

    Even if you decide to use the books, it wouldn't hurt to get studygroup101 because they have oodles and oodles of practice quizzes, like 1000 in each study guide and for $10 you can't beat it with a stick .
  11. ChrisRicci

    Taking Reproductive next week and I am shaking in my boots!

    Ditch the lisa arends and just go with studygroup101
  12. ChrisRicci

    CPNE workshops

    chancellor's does one in indianapolis but it's twice as much as the others and there is a person that does a 'mock' cpne in wisconsin
  13. ChrisRicci

    Excelsior LPN to RN

    Aleks beginning algebra, dsst life span development, dsst religions (humanities), clep analyzing literature, psych and soc either clep or uexcel
  14. ChrisRicci

    Never learned care plans

    search apples apples on fB and cpnebootcamp has a 12 day care plan class that you can take once you get to cpne
  15. ChrisRicci

    I need advice for proficiency exam..

    Download the content guide outline (syllabus) from Excelsior College | Adult Nursing and look for the Smeltzer or Lewis med surg book on amazon, there are several listed for around $7 (you can get by just fine with the older 8th edition). Also I was looking over the syllabus, I would get a NCLEX-RN book for the review and questions. The Saunders is a good one, 5th ed on amazon for $14. Then start working through each section. The content guide tells you what chapters to read. Excelsior usually has practice exams that you can purchase also that are similar to the real exam and they make a great study tool also as you may see some of the questions on the real exam. They are an additional $75 and there are 2 tests. You can take them once, but go back and review the answers for 90 days.
  16. ChrisRicci

    Excelsior College: FCCA HELP!

    MOST take them simultaneously! I did and did not have an issue with time or studying. You can definately take them both at the same time.