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  1. Hi every body, I failed Nclex 3 times and I live in Florida, many people have advised me to take it next time by NY or another state that has more chances before doing the remedial , but my question is if I go there by the time I go to do the endorsement for Florida I will not have a copy of my remedy course?

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   not2bblue
    I thought if you failed 3 times you were ineligible to sit for the NCLEX again without remediation. You can try to take it for another state but you graduated in Florida and the school still has to be notified when you apply. Sounds like you are trying to get around the rules. Pretty unethical way to start your career. Also if you failed 3 times, I'm sorry but you NEED remediation.
  5. by   amnurse18
    thank you
  6. by   Sour Lemon
    I don't think you're being unethical. You're being resourceful. That being said, a remedial course may very well benefit you and increase your odds of passing the exam. Statistically, your odds of success go down with each failure testing a bunch of times is not necessarily a good strategy.
    If you do venture to test in another state and plan to apply back to Florida by endorsement, you'll want to be very sure about what their "application by endorsement" requirements are. It's not always as simple as getting licensed in another state.
    Good luck to you.
  7. by   amnurse18
    thank you I appreciate your comment
  8. by   ab197
    Before taking an exam for licensing in another state also be sure to look up what licensing requirements are in each state. For example, NY requires your nursing education in addition to a child abuse identification and infection control class. You can find these classes on the NY licensing website and can go to in person or online classes but they are paid by the individual.
  9. by   psychnurse51
    I passed the NCLEX on my 4th try. Take the remedial course. It should help. I
    had a CD with 4000 questions and did 100 a day (with rationales). I was
    advised to do no more than that because the brain cannot absorb anymore
    than that. When I finished the CD I was ready. That's how I did it. This is in
    New Hampshire. Good Luck! Oh the CD came from the Saunders NCLEX book.
    I think you need to look at the areas you failed and then go to a great review course kaplan ect. dont focus on taking the exam so quickly focus on why you failed and work on your weak areas.