failed at 75 second time 1st time 130

  1. I took my test on the 15th, I just reviewed my result on quick result and saw that i failed. This is my second time. The computer shut off at 75. I was so sure that I passed. the first time it shut off at 130. I had a pretty good understanding of the questions. Please someone explain to me what I did not do right. I also studied using Kaplan's materials. I thought I knew the strategies and the content. I don't even know now know what to do or how to start studying again and how i should start. Please someone give me some encouragement.
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  3. by   lavarn
    *hugs* ... hang in there, i knew a girl that passed on her sixth try. i used kaplan too, and spent alot of time studying how to take the exam.

    don't give up!!!

    lava rn
  4. by   Soup Turtle
    It seems like a lot of people have to retake the exam. Is there a friend you might be able to study with who could help you identify your weak points?
  5. by   OMIT
    juz be patient and try to study much harder. Focus on your weaknesses and try to practice answering questions more often.
  6. by   whirlwind
    have confidence in yourself... i didnt make it myself...
    everybody is telling, "its ok..." "try again"; but its really difficult to just pick up the pieces.. but on the lighter side:smiletea2: .. its not the end.. just have faith.:angel2:
    at present i'm starting suzanne's plan...
    we'll just have to be dedicated and have patience
    goodluck to us!:wink2:
  7. by   lillady1225
    I know it's hard to hear "It's ok and to keep trying" but you HAVE to. I'm sure you are a very smart person and you just have to keep your spirits up and to make sure you focus on you're weak points while you're studying this time around. I've heard really good things about suzanne's plan maybe that's something to look into. But PLEASE don't loose confidence in yourself, you're a smart intellegent person and you WILL pass it the next time you take it.
  8. by   RNKay31
    Sorry to hear that, but just pick your self up and try again
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    hang in there. u r not alone in this ordeal. best of luck to all of us. next time, lets nail the nclex monster!!!
  10. by   luckylucyrn
    Have you tried the Hurst review? They offer live and online classes, and the online is the exact same lectures, so if you don't live close to them you can still do it! They guarantee passing or they will do "remedial" teaching if you don't, which is cool. They don't give up on you! Or they will give you your money back if you choose.

    I went to the live class and watched the videos at my hospital, and I thought it was great.